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The Bachelors 2023: Twitter users slam Lisa for her comment about taking Wes’s virginity

"So sick and manipulative"

Lisa Brehmer has been the ringleader of some much-needed drama on The Bachelors 2023.

However, while her antics have been entertaining at times, her comments about taking Bachelor Wesley Senna Corte’s virginity have left a bad taste in many viewer’s mouths.

Wes has revealed to some of the contestants that he’s never had a girlfriend and is a virgin. During a one-on-one date with Brea, he revealed that he wants to wait until he’s in love to have sex for the first time.

Fast forward to the group date on episode 5 – which Lisa wasn’t invited to but rocked up for anyway. After a chat with Wes in the pool, Lisa dropped an icky bomb.

“I think there’s a really high potential that I could take Wes’s virginity,” Lisa said with a smug look in a producer-led interview.

The comment was met with uproar on social media, check out some of the Twitter reactions below.

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