MAFS' Tahnee and Melinda

“Do not wish to continue a friendship”: MAFS’ Melinda opens up on her beef with Tahnee Cook

"A little too late."

MAFS’ 2023 may be well and truly a thing of the past, but the drama between the season’s alum Tahnee Cook and Melinda Richelle certainly is not.

Tahnee and Melinda were the only two MAFS 2023 contestants to come out of the show in a relationship. They dated their respective partners, Ollie Skelton and Layton Mills after the show wrapped.

However, as many Married At First Sight relationships go, both couples have since broken up, and it appears the friendship between the girls is over too.

Tahnee and Melinda were one of the strongest friendships to come out of the season. The girls regularly attended media events together, and Melinda appeared on Tahnee’s podcast Chuffed earlier this year.

Tahnee and Melinda’s Instagram posts

Both Tahnee and Melinda took to Instagram to shade one another after followers noticed that Melinda had unfollowed her former pal.

When a fan asked the eyelash technician why she’d made the bold move, Melinda posted a cryptic quote in response, reading: “Remember, you don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of.”

Melinda’s Instagram Story. Image: Instagram.

Tahnee Cook then snapped back on her own Instagram stories, starting with the trademark MAFS alum quote: “I wasn’t planning to speak on this but…”

Of course, the PR professional then went into detail, claiming that she was “super confused”, and wasn’t sure why Melinda had unfollowed her.

Tahnee’s Instagram Story. Image: Instagram.

Melinda made it clear that her friendship with Tahnee was over

In an even more confusing development, Melinda has since done an interview where she revealed some more cryptic details, insinuating that Tahnee knows why their friendship is donezo.

“In my eyes, the quote I shared in response to someone’s question that [Tahnee] is referring to was not cryptic and instead was a quote for my followers about boundaries and how it’s important to have good friends in your life and to be a good friend in return,” she told Pedestrian.TV.

“Sadly, it’s a little too late for her to now start ‘valuing’ our ‘friendship’ but I appreciate her showing care in articles. I don’t hold any hate or animosity towards Tahnee, I just simply do not wish to continue a friendship with her.”

So, the reason behind the Melinda vs Tahnee feud is about as clear as mud.

RIP to their friendship. Image: Instagram.

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