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One social media post has caused uproar between the MAFS cast

"I would never do that publicly on the internet for the world to see."

The Married At First Sight 2024 drama is still in full force with Sara Mesa and Lauren Dunn calling out MAFS groom Tim Calwell for his latest Instagram Reel.

But now the rest of the MAFS cast have gotten involved, as they do, and the word ‘drama’ just doesn’t cut it.

Keep reading to catch up on everything from start to finish.

What did Tim post on Instagram?

Tim shared a video to his 111,000 Instagram followers which featured Tim doing activities with his new girlfriend, Barbara Griebeler, attending a few appointments and showing a car with a sign reading, “WARNING! 100% BITCH”.

“This car reminds me of someone,” Tim’s voiceover said.

Sara, who was fake-married to Tim during the experiment, took to Instagram Stories to express her frustration.

What Sara said about Tim’s reel

“If my partner put a video of us doing cute things together on the internet for the world to see and then subliminally took a dig at his ex-girlfriend, I would be livid. Livid,” Sara said in her Instagram Stories.

sara mesa mafs tim calwell
Sara took to Instagram Stories to air her thoughts about Tim’s reel. Image: @saramessy

“I hope that she’s still okay that you mentioned me in there, regardless of whether it’s calling me ‘100% Bitch’. Don’t you think that it’s time to move on and give her that respect as well?” Sara asked.

Sara also suggested that there was a side of Tim not shown on MAFS Season 11.

“That reel that you made including me is giving insecure and that is the man that you showed to me the whole time on the show. And I really wish that people could have seen that side.”

What Lauren had to say about Tim’s reel

Sara’s MAFS bestie, Lauren, also entered the chat in her own Q&A on Instagram Stories.

lauren dunn mafs 2024
Lauren entered the chat to call Tim out for using the word “Bitch”. Source: @lauren_funn_

“Do these men not get it? We just don’t call women bitches in 2024,” Lauren said.

“The men in our season, they just weren’t it. They just don’t understand society and what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable,” she continued.

“Just a lack of intelligence and I can’t argue with stupid people.”

Lauren also noted that she was sent the video because she doesn’t follow Tim.

What Tim had to say about his reel

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle!, Tim said that he didn’t mention anyone specifically.

“I didn’t actually mention anyone at all! It seems like everyone is projecting their own thoughts onto my reel,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle!

“I like talking about my life experiences, regardless of if that chapter in my life is closed. MAFS is certainly a unique experience and I’ll likely keep sharing mine.”

What the MAFS cast are saying about the post

When the account @sodramaticpodcast_ posted Sara’s Instagram Story on their own page, fellow MAFS 2024 cast member Eden Harper entered the chat.

tim calwell instagram reel mafs
The video moment the cast are talking about. Image: @timcalwell

“So Sara can call Cass [Allen] a c****, Lauren call Jono [McCullough] a snake, dog, c*** (to name a few),” Eden wrote in the comments section.

“But that’s funny and lighthearted… It’s only unacceptable and wrong when Tim does it? The double standards are laughable.”

MAFS intruder Michael Felix added, “Louder for the people in the back” and Jono wrote, “Double standard queens.”

When asked by Chattr what her thoughts are about Sara and Lauren calling out Tim’s behaviour, she made it clear that what Tim said was “inappropriate”.

“I don’t think there was any malicious intent from Tim, but it’s definitely important for him to understand that using that kind of language is inappropriate and can be really damaging,” Eden told Chattr.

“However, I also believe that Lauren and Sara need to take some accountability for the name calling, insults, and bullying behaviour that they constantly demonstrate themselves.”

What do Lauren and Sara think about their cast’s comments?

In response to the “double standards” claims of her cast mates, Sara argued that “two wrongs don’t make a right”.

“Just because I did wrong doesn’t mean that Tim gets a hall pass for alluding to calling me a bitch,” Sara told Chattr.

“I apologised to Cassandra,” Sara added, in response to calling her the C word.

“That is the only time I use vulgar language to someone. And I would never do that publicly on the internet for the world to see.”

Lauren responded to the comments from her MAFS cast mates in a follow-up video on Instagram.

“I was the queen of the insult. I understand that. The purpose of what we’re talking about is men with a platform perpetuating language that is violent to women.”

MAFS continue to deliver lessons in what’s acceptable even without them all on our screens, no John Aiken required.