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MAFS insider reveals the secret to getting cast on the show

A production insider spills the beans.

Casting for the twelfth season of Married At First Sight is in full swing, and a production insider has spilled the beans on how to make sure you get noticed by the producers.

If you’re dreaming of walking down the aisle on national TV, listen up because these tips might just be your golden ticket!

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It’s all about the backstory

According to a production insider who spoke to Yahoo! Lifestyle, having a unique backstory is essential. Producers are on the hunt for those quirky details that make you stand out.

“A middle-aged man just isn’t enough. Make sure producers know you have been married three times and you have a weakness for women or men with bucked teeth,” the source shared.

“Find three character touch points and stay within that narrative. Something that makes you memorable to Channel Nine viewers.”

Catchphrases and quirky jobs

To make it onto the show, you need to be easily understood by the audience. The insider revealed that having a catchy phrase that sums up your personality is a big plus.

“Flip your boring job so it stands out. There are a hundred tradies who apply but find something that makes that interesting and unique. Like, be a ‘tradie who wears pink shorts’. It’s not hard to twist something simple like that,” they added.

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The insider suggests having a unique job or catchphrase that sums up your personality. Nine

Talking in sound bites

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it that counts. The insider emphasised the importance of speaking in a way that’s easy to edit.

“Make sure you are talking in melody and in short sharp sentences. They are looking for people who talk in sound bites naturally as it helps with the edit,” they detailed.

“If you’re telling a story that has three parts just pick the headline and finish with a punchline.”

Embrace your perceived edit

Once you’re on the show, the key is to roll with how you’re portrayed.

“If you think you’re being portrayed as the villain, make sure you are a PG villain and not something that will get you fired or make you unemployable,” the insider remarked.

“Play the long game – not all participants will be able to quit their careers and live off social media endorsements.”

Participants are also encouraged to follow orders and take on secret missions to spice things up.

“You might be quieter by nature but make sure you prove that you are invaluable to producers to make their jobs easier. Not everyone needs to be an alpha on screen.”

So there you have it, aspiring MAFS stars! Take these tips to heart and you might just find yourself saying “I do” in front of millions of viewers.

Married At First Sight season 12 is expected to premiere in January 2025, with experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling, and Alessandra Rampolla set to return.

Once you’re on the show, the key is to roll with how you’re portrayed. Nine

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