Liam and Rhys win Dream Home 2024

“Found out with the rest of Australia”: How Rhys and Liam celebrated their Dream Home 2024 win

The boys know how to party!

Rhys and Liam have officially been crowned the Dream Home 2024 winners but they only found out about their victory as the rest of Australia watched the finale.

During a post-win interview with Chattr, the brothers explained that they had no clue about whether it was going to be them, Taeler and Elle or Peter and Lara who would take out the win.

“We found out with the rest of Australia last night,” Liam told Chattr.

The Dream Home finalists. Image: Seven.

“We definitely thought we’d done enough to win it, but we had no idea. We were just like everyone else. We just had to wait to see what the judges had to say and make sure we’d done enough,” he added.

To avoid having the winner of the series leaked (like many other reality TV shows) Channel 7 filmed alternate endings with different winners, and only aired who actually finished on top of the Dream Home leaderboard.

It was pretty clear that Liam and Rhys were the front runners throughout the final episode. However, the boys said they didn’t want to celebrate before their win was actually confirmed.

“Honestly, we were getting excited,” Rhys said.

“But there’s still that shadow of doubt, we just needed them to say it.”

Liam’s backyard that the brothers renovated. Image: Seven

How Rhys and Liam celebrated their Dream Home win

After judge Simon Cohen revealed he was scoring the boys’ backyard 9.5 out of 10, securing their win, Rhys and Liam said they were overcome with excitement.

“We both jumped up and screamed and then we jumped in the pool — the freezing, freezing pool,” Rhys laughed.

“We had a big crew behind us, watching with us,” Liam explained.

“And, when they said we won, we went ballistic!”

Rhys’ plans for the money

Unlike many of the other Dream Home 2024 teams who were married couples, Rhys joined the show to help his brother.

He left his partner Cass and his one-week-old newborn Bowie to join the competition, and, alongside Liam, he spent five months fixing up his cast-mate’s houses so that Liam could walk away with a fully renovated house.

The brothers decided that the $100,000 prize money would go solely to Rhys. And, in true Dream Home style, he’s planning to use the money on renovations!

“We’re basically going to finish the renovations on our house,” he explained.

“We are actually selling on the 31st of August and then we want to buy a house and do a full renovation and continue on with that passion.”

Dr Chris Brown, Rhys and Liam on Dream Home. Image: Seven.

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