Sara on MAFS

Holy s**t, Sara’s gone rogue on Instagram and dished on the MAFS experts, her co-stars and the editing

"Made me look crazy"

Our day just got a little spicier ever since Married At First Sight star Sara Mesa went absolutely rogue on Instagram and dropped allll sorts of bombshells about the experts and her cast mates.

The MAFS bride dished on her unfavourable edit, her feuds with both Cassandra Allen and Eden Harper, and what Jack Dunkley was really like in person.

Check out all of the gossip Sara shared in a Q&A session on her Instagram stories.

Sara calls the Relationship Experts “biased”

Question: “Opinions on the experts?

Sara’s answer: “As human, amazing people! But on the show, very biased. Therapy or counselling should always look at both sides but it was always very one sided. They have a job to do and that’s be entertaining! They nail that.”

Sara on her feud with Cassandra and Eden

Question:Is the stuff about feud with Cass true?

Sara’s answer: “What stuff? I’m actually so confused about this “feud”. The show was filmed a year ago. I have zero qualms with Cassandra. She has her opinion of me and that’s totally fine. I’m moving on with my life and I hope everyone on the show can just focus on themselves & do the same.

Question:Did you and Eden fall out after she told Tim [Calwell] the whole ex situation? She seems so sweet.”

Sara’s answer: “Yes, Eden and I are no longer friends. I really did cherish our friendship at the beginning. As someone who doesn’t have family in Australia, my friends become like family. I tend to get trust people easily when I feel a connection! I only knew Eden a short time but I felt close to her. She may not say the same but everyone is entitled to feel how they want. I have no hard feelings for Eden.

Sara shares what Jack’s really like

Question: “Was Jack as much of an a**hole in person as he was portrayed in the show?”

Sara’s answer: “Nope. He was actually really nice. Just maybe said some dumb things at times. I think we feed into the drama that we are fed by producers at times and they really egg you on to go after people because of it. But seeing Tori and Jack happy makes me believe there was more good to him than we all saw.”

Sara slams the editing on MAFS

Question: “Do you think you were wrongly portrayed on the show?”

Sara’s answer: “All of the reactions you saw were real. However, the full context wasn’t shown at times which made me look crazy. Conversations were chopped & changed to make me look worse. You didn’t see my concerns or my side- you saw it from Tim’s side.

“I am definitely fiery, expressive, outspoken & a strong personality but I also had great moments with Tim that were never shown. They had a narrative they wanted to play out and they did just that. I am taking my bad moments and learning from them. I definitely should have been a better partner to Tim at times however I really struggled to get close to him at the beginning. It felt unnatural and I’m not one to hide how I feel.”

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