Cassandra and Sara

We know why Cassandra lost her s**t at Sara at the MAFS Reunion


One of the most polarising moments of the MAFS 2024 Reunion was when Cassandra Allen came out swinging at Sara Mesa, calling her “the nastiest person.”

Although Sara has had her misgivings throughout the season, the confrontation seemed a little strange considering Cassandra didn’t offer any examples or reasoning.

Fans have been pondering ever since about just what happened between the brides, and now we finally have answers.

Cass and Sara on MAFS
Tristan, Cassandra, Ben at MAFS Reunion. Nine.

Why did Cassandra come for Sara?

PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to an anonymous source, who explained what actually happened between Cassandra and Sara.

“It was so uncalled for and so out of nowhere like they’d never spoken at all during the show,” the insider began.

“Cass was the only one in the show that went into the show as an influencer. She was realising her interests were boring and it wasn’t going to go anywhere and so that’s when she would start doing these things and it was so obvious to the rest of the cast.

“She just goes for Sara because she thinks she’s an easy target.”

Michael backed up Cassandra during the fight, and the source said that he too was looking to get some extra screen time.

“They were both giving ‘we need more airtime.”

Tim and Sara at the MAFS Reunion. Nine.

What happened between Sara and Cassandra at the reunion?

During Tim Calwell and Sara’s time on the couch with the experts, they touched on Sara’s cheating scandal, which is when Cassandra spoke up.

“She just lies,” Cassandra yelled at Sara from across the room. Sara instantly bit back. “That’s so f**king rude.”

However, Cassandra continued her tirade. “Everything she says is a lie. She lies to make herself look better. There’s nothing honest about her. You’ve just been playing games,” she said.

MAFS Reunion. Nine.

Sara retorted: “That’s f**king bullshit. Do you know my story? a single personal question about me?”

“Trust me, I’ve seen enough,” Cassandra replied. “She is just fake. Everything out of her mouth is fake. You just lie. Every time I talk to you you’re actually the nastiest person.”

“I never talked to you, Cass,” Sara said. “I actually never talked to you. Never have spoken a word to you. That’s bulls**t. It’s rude. I don’t know what your vendetta is or why you care so much about hating me.”

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