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Fans were left with so many questions after MAFS’ Cassandra’s savage outburst at Sara

What was that all about?

As expected, chaos ensued on the Married at First Sight 2024 Finale, however, a lot of the drama came from an unlikely culprit, Cassandra Allen.

During Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa’s time on the couch with the experts, they touched on Sara’s cheating scandal, which is when Cassandra decided to pipe up.

“She just lies,” Cassandra yelled at Sara from across the room.

Sara instantly bit back. “That’s so f**king rude.”

However, Cassandra continued her tirade. “Everything she says is a lie. She lies to make herself look better. There’s nothing honest about her. You’ve just been playing games,” she said.

Tim and Sara. Nine.

Sara retorted: “That’s f**king bullshit. Do you know my story? a single personal question about me?”

“Trust me, I’ve seen enough,” Cassandra replied. “She is just fake. Everything out of her mouth is fake. You just lie. Every time I talk to you you’re actually the nastiest person.”

“I never talked to you, Cass,” Sara said. “I actually never talked to you. Never have spoken a word to you. That’s bulls**t. It’s rude. I don’t know what your vendetta is or why you care so much about hating me.”

Tristan and Cassandra. Nine.

Why did Cassandra come for Sara?

While MAFS fans are known to love a bit of drama, many were left confused about why Cassandra came for Sara at that moment.

“Pressure should be on Cassandra to put some evidence or she should STFU,” one person tweeted.

In an interview with Chattr in February, Cassandra opened up about her lack of friendship with Sara.

“I was very grateful for Lucinda and Andrea, and then Michael comes along and he’s just beautiful and we connected instantly,” she said.

She said that she wasn’t drawn to some of the other brides, which with Lucinda and Andrea removed, leaves Tori, Sara, Lauren, Eden, Natalie and Ellie.

Tori, Lauren, Eden and Sara. Nine.

“The others, I was like, ‘Look, I’m just gonna let them do their thing, they’re not really the same energy and frequency that I’m on. I know who my people are. I’m just gonna kind of go that way.’

“I’m not one to go running into the drama and all that sort of stuff. So I was just like, ‘They do what they need to do. I’m happy over here.’”

Fans’ reactions to the Sara vs Cassandra show-down

Some viewers applauded Cassandra’s courage to stand up to Sarah, however, others wished that Cassandra had explained her reasoning behind the confrontation.

Check out some of the best social media reactions below.

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