“Absolutely broken”: Osher Gunsberg on losing The Bachelor and Masked Singer Australia gigs

"It's not the first time that I've lost two jobs in the same day"

The Bachelor and The Masked Singer Australia have been axed from Channel Ten and the host of both shows, Osher Gunsberg reveals how he took the news.

The cancellation of the reality shows was announced on May 7, and Osher is the only talent that fronts both of the programs on screen.

Osher Gunsberg on The Bachelor
Osher as the host of The Bachelor. Ten.

Of course, with both shows being taken off air, Osher is losing two hosting jobs. The long-time TV personality took to Instagram to share an uplifting anecdote about how he deals with disappointing obstacles.

“It’s show business, not show friends,” he told the camera on Instagram for his podcast Better Than Yesterday.

The Bachelor and The Masked Singer in Australia are not coming back on the network that they have been on this year.”

Osher is nominated for gold logie
Osher as the host of The Masked Singer. Ten.

Osher compared the news to when he lost his hosting role on Australian Idol

Osher said that he had a “decent idea” that the shows would be cancelled, and it gave him a sense of deja vu.

“This week is really very funny for me because it’s not the first time that I’ve lost two jobs in the same day. To go back to Australian Idol, when that got cancelled, I was absolutely broken,” he explained.

“There was my mentor David who has guide me and helped me as I learn how to live life on life’s terms.”

Osher said that he was really upset when he told David that he’d lost two jobs within 18 hours.

Osher and James Mathison as the hosts of Australia Idol. Ten.

“Without missing a beat he said, “Well I’m excited for you pal. Means there are bigger plans for you!”” He explained.

“I was shocked that he did not want a front-row ticket to the pity party I was throwing, so I repeated myself “I don’t think you heard me man, I’m unemployed.” And, again he was like, “I don’t think you heard me, I’m excited for you. This means there are bigger and better things ahead for you”

Osher said that looking at his problem from a different angle gave him the fighting spirit he needed to succeed.

“That reframe absolutely changed everything,” he said. “My new job was to invent the next job I was going to do.”

“I got up every day, got to my desk, and that’s what I did every day.”

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