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The top 5 most awkward and controversial moments in Oscars history

From Will Smith slapping Chris Rock to Angelina Jolie KISSING her brother!

The Academy Awards (Oscars) have provided many iconic and memorable historical moments. Unfortunately, some of these occasions are not as fondly remembered due to their undeniably awkward nature.

From Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during the 2022 awards ceremony to Angelina Jolie kissing her BROTHER James Haven in 2000, the Oscars has been the home for many unforgettable faux pas over its illustrious decades-long run in Hollywood.

Join us as we dive head-first into examining five of the most cringeworthy Oscar blunders!

The night Marlon Brando refused his Oscar for The Godfather in 1973

When Marlon Brando turned down his Oscar for Best Actor in The Godfather in 1973, it became one of the most memorable and awkward Oscars moments in history.

Brando, a celebrated actor of his time, sent Sacheen Littlefeather, an Apache activist and actress to the ceremony to reject his award accompanied by an outspoken statement.

His move shocked viewers worldwide – an open rejection of Hollywood’s high standards – becoming one of the most talked-about Academy Awards moments ever.

Offending people with his complex sentiments, Brando’s refusal to accept the Oscar made for a unique and unforgettable night for millions of film lovers everywhere.

John Travolta’s mangled pronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name during the 2014 ceremony

Without measure, one of the most awkward Oscars moments in history occurred when John Travolta butchered Idina Menzel’s name during the 2014 ceremony.

From “Adele Dazeem” to an almost unrecognisable pronunciation of her name made for a cringe-worthy introduction.

Undoubtedly, this moment will forever live on in Oscar infamy and reminds us that even veteran actors are not immune to embarrassing flubs.

Angelina Jolie and brother James Haven’s controversial kiss at the 2000 Oscars

The 2000 Oscars were certainly made memorable by Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven when the two shared a long and uncomfortable kiss on the lips that caused an immediate stir.

While some saw it as an ode to family love, others found it incredibly strange and bordering on inappropriate.

To this day, Jolie and Haven’s kiss at the 2000 Oscars is still one of the most uncomfortable moments in Oscar history.

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Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announcing the wrong movie as Best Picture in 2017

Who could forget the iconic moment when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly announced La La Land as best picture instead of Moonlight in the 2017 Oscars?

Not only was it an embarrassing, cringe-worthy moment, but it also denied the cast and crew of Moonlight its rightful moment to bask in the glory.

As the celebrations on stage quickly turn to confusion, all viewers watching knew that something wasn’t quite right – yet despite this fact, no one could say anything to help fix the cultural faux pas!

The blunder was one of the most uncomfortable Oscars moments in history, providing a great source of entertainment for many years after.

When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars

If the Oscars was expecting a host as witty and entertaining as Chris Rock in 2022, then they got more than they bargained for when Will Smith gave him a shock by slapping him on the face mid-show!

The audience erupted with screams, laughter and shock when Will walked onto the stage and hit the comedian after he made a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Given Smith and Rock are pros, fans were confused, with some thinking it was a bit to keep viewers engaged – however, we quickly learned it was real and will go down in history as one of the most controversial moments in Oscars history.

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