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Big Brother episode 3: 10 thoughts I had watching the housemates pretty much beg for screen time


It’s Big Brother Australia 2023 episode 3 and the housemates are already performing stunts that’ll (hopefully) get them more screen time.

Between Minee’s ‘accidental’ nip slip and Zach and Jake’s v. random lounge room performance, these housemates are THIRSTY.

Read on to find out what happens!

  1. Jake may be attached to three girls, but he will end up with none of them. Indecisiveness ain’t cute.
Big Brother. Seven.

2. Somehow Jake manages to make forgetting a love interest’s name semi-acceptable, does this man have the social skills to win Big Brother?!

3. The girls are complaining that a man making them breakfast is too much. Haven’t they ever seen Love Island? This is the ultimate love language for reality TV!

4. Did I miss something? Why are Jake and Zach dressed in their female housemate’s clothes and straddling each other?

Big Brother. Seven.

5. Minee, are you really going to try and pretend that you didn’t realise you wore a bra-less white singlet into a challenge where you were going to be dumped in the pool? Puhh-lease.

Big Brother. Seven.

6. Gracie May and Louis are a vibe. Facts.

7. It’s nominations time and I’m honestly surprised Jake can remember anyone’s name to nominate them.

8. Shame. Zach’s little plan to cross-dress in order to build a connection with the female housemates didn’t work in his favour, and he’s nominated… again.

9. Louis is reassuring Zach he’s got his back, but isn’t he interested in Anna Sophia? Do I smell a secret BB mastermind?

10. 14 young, hot and single housemates in a spa! This could mean only one thing, spicy content for the first episode of BB Uplate 2023.

Big Brother Australia airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30 pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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