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Interview: Yup, there’s an actual reason why the guys shower naked together on Love Island

"It became a bonding experience..."

If you have been wondering why this crop of Love Island Australia boys shower naked together, well, we have your answer thanks to dumpee Ollie Lawson.

In an interview with Chattr post-elimination, the FIFO mining work admitted that there was actually no specific shower for the males, except for the one outside. (Thanks producers!)

“So the lads don’t have a shower. Right? The girls have a shower in their makeup room, which we can use. But, our shower is the outdoor shower.”

Ollie continued: “There was a little thing on the first day, and we’re like, ‘Well, where do we shower?’, and so it was straight from the first day and then it sort of became a bonding experience.”

The “bonding experience” then became such a thing, that it turned into an “initiation” every time a male Bombshell arrived at the villa.

Love Island Australia 2023 boys. Nine
Love Island Australia 2023 boys. Nine

“By the second day, it was like, if you’re not in that shower together in the morning and evening, then you’re not one of the boys’. It was sort of an initiation.

“When the bombshells came in, like Reid and Kale, we were like, ‘You are going into that shower in the next hour if you want to be a part of the boys or join any of us.

“To be fair, they were straight in there. No f–king about.”

Meanwhile, apparently, they also compared eggplants and named them… So, there’s that.

Well, I’ve just reached my quota for the important news of the day! The more you know!

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