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Hunted Australia Recap Episode 11: Two Fugitives reached extraction in the gripping finale

What a thrilling end!

It’s the grand final of Hunted Australia 2023 and four Fugitives remained, hoping to reach the Extraction Point and share in $100,000 prize money.

Holly, Jimi, Tharren and Jordan were the only Fugitives remaining in the competition. Holly’s partner Josh and Jimi’s partner Ed were both captured in episode ten after both decided to split from their pair in hopes of evading the Hunters.

In the final episode, all Fugitives had to make a phone call to find out where the Extraction Point is, knowing that this would put their place in the game at risk because it alerted the Hunters to their location.

Hunted Australia helicopter
Hunted. Ten.

Here are all the highlights from episode 10 of Hunted Australia 2023.


Holly was safely hidden away in Anglesea with the gardening group that she’d been taken in by in episode ten. She spent her final day bush weeding with them and formed a bond with one of the members named Jasmine. Jasmine let Holly use her phone to call for the extraction point and found out that it was at 2:30pm at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. 

After Holly placed the call, the Hunters immediately headed to the location the phone was at, but she’d already left for Melbourne to stay with her friend Rob.

Hunted Australia car with Holly
Hunted. Ten.

The Hunters eventually figured out that Holly was at Rob’s, but Holly was one step ahead and by the time they got there, she was on her way to the extraction point at MCG.

Unfortunately for Holly, Hunted Kim spotted her entering the MCG. A foot chase ensued, and it looked as though Holly may be captured just metres away from the extraction helicopter when she struggled to jump the fence. However, she made her way to the chopper and secured her spot as an escaped Fugitive.

Tharren and Jordan

Tharren and Jordan made their extraction call from a pay phone and left the location quickly after the call was made. They stayed at their friend Ben’s house for the night and attempted to make the 37km journey to the MCG on foot the following morning.

Unbeknownst to them, the Hunters had secured footage of their payphone call and used the information to launch a social media campaign to help find Tharren and Jordan.

Hunted. Ten.

While making their trek to the Melbourne Cricket Ground, a stranger named Adam agreed to give the Fugitives a lift, and they safely arrived at the venue.

However, once they were there, the father-son team mistakenly confused a Hunted team for Fugitives, which gave the Hunters an opportunity to catch them just before they entered the cricket grounds, and were minutes away from being safely extracted.


Jimi and Ed had agreed to spend their remaining days on the run separated, in the hope that splitting up would make it harder for the Hunters to catch them. Although Ed had been captured by the Hunters soon after their split, Jimi had no idea and believed he was still on the run.

After making his extraction call, Jimi ended up finding a hotel that he’d previously stayed at and asked them to let him stay without putting down a credit card. Fortunately for him, they agreed and he spent the majority of the money he and Ed had left on the room bill.

Hunted. Ten.

Once at the MCG, Jimi snuck his way from tree to tree and managed to stay mostly hidden until he got to the entrance of the cricket ground.

Then, Jimi made a run for it and quickly made his way down to the grounds and across the field before climbing into the helicopter and discovering that he’d won Hunted.

Jimi waited with bated breath and hoped that his partner Ed would arrive at the helicopter too, however, it was only Holly who made it and the chopper took off with the two winners of Hunted Australia 2023.

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