Hunted episode 10

Hunted Australia Recap Episode 10: Two Fugitives were captured from different teams

Four Fugitives remain on the run in the race to score a share of $100,000.

It’s episode 10 of Hunted Australia 2023 and two Fugitives have been captured… except they’re from different teams.

During the episode, a dramatic car chase sees one person eliminated while one team stayed together and another went their separate ways in hopes of evading the Hunters.

Here are all the highlights from episode 10 of Hunted Australia 2023.

Josh and Holly

With just 72 hours left until extraction, tensions were at an all-time high for the daring six fugitives.

Josh, the master of deception, played a cat-and-mouse game, leading the Hunters astray while Holly narrowly escaped their clutches. Josh sent the Hunters on a wild goose chase; however, unbeknownst to him, Hunted HQ was one step ahead, diligently tracking his every move and uncovering his true intentions.

In a race against time, Josh hatched one last plan. Making a quick pitstop at Geelong Train Station, he tried to fool the Hunters into thinking he was on a departing train and after combing the area, it looked as though Josh had disappeared into thin air.

Using his burner phone, he planned a rendezvous with ally Marco; however, given that it was being traced, the relentless Hunter Teams Alpha and Echo surged forward, hot on his heels.

With Marco skillfully driving, Josh frantically attempted his getaway, but couldn’t outpace the relentless Team Alpha and just like that, Josh’s time on the run came to a dramatic conclusion.

Josh. Ten

Meanwhile, the weight of loneliness and isolation began to take its toll on Holly, before a chance encounter with Carina turned things around.

Carina offered up her backyard as a safe haven and she introduced Holly to a local gardening group, giving her a whole bunch of allies in the process.

Holly and the community gardening club. Ten

Ed and Jimi

Ed and Jimi also made the tough decision to split, where Ed sought refuge at his Aunt Sandy’s house while Jimi roamed the city. By a stroke of luck, Jimi ran into an old work colleague who provided him with a much-needed place to spend the night.

Back at HQ, the Hunters discovered that Ed’s Aunt Sandy had unfriended him on all social media just before the Hunt began. Given this very weird behaviour, Ground Hunter Teams Charlie and Alpha were sent to investigate.

Team Charlie set up camp, staking out the house while Team Alpha, positioned themselves at the end of the road.

Once Ed returned, Sandy tried to drop him off at a safe distance, attempting to outsmart the Hunters; however, upon spotting them ran in the opposite direction. The Hunters quickly encircled him, bringing his time on the run to a close.

Ed. Ten

Meanwhile, the Father-son duo, Tharren and Jordan — the only team still together — are sticking to their tactics of approaching strangers for help and are safe. For now…

 Four Fugitives remain on the run in the race to score a share of $100,000 during August 8’s Grand Finale of Hunted Australia 2023.

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