Jack and Tori from MAFS

Which MAFS 2024 couples have moved in together?

"When your man asks you to move, you turn it around in 2 weeks"

Married At First Sight 2024 has wrapped and the participants have been released back into the real world, so which couples made it and have moved in together?

While the Final Vows didn’t look super promising, with only Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams, Ridge Barredo and Jade Pywell and Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa making it out together, things have picked up since the show finished airing.

There are actually four couples who’ve moved in together outside of the experiment – but two of them weren’t originally matched.

Meanwhile, Sara and Tim broke up shortly after the Final Vows.

Find out which MAFS couples have moved in together.

Jack and Tori

Against all odds, controversial MAFS couple Jack and Tori left the experiment together, and they’ve gone on to thrive IRL.

On May 7, Tori shared an Instagram video documenting her move to the Gold Coast to be with Jack.

“When your man asks you to move, you turn it around in 2 weeks,” she captioned the clip.

Ridge and Jade

MAFS Couple Jade and Ridge MAFS

Ridge and Jade were easily this year’s golden couple. Ever since they entered the experiment as Intruders, the love birds were enamoured with one another.

One of their main MAFS storylines circulated around the fact that Jade needed to stay in Queensland because of her daughter Victoria. Jade’s family questioned whether Ridge was mature enough to become a stepdad, but he reassured them that he was willing to move from Sydney to the Gold Coast to be with Jade and Victoria.

Although Ridge hasn’t officially announced that he’s made the move just yet. He’s been spending a lot of time up in Queensland.

“For the last couple of months he’s been back and forth, but now he’s spending 99% of his life up on the Goldie with Jade,” an insider told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

Ellie and Jonathan

MAFS Couple Ellie and Jono

MAFS 2024’s most shocking couple were undoubtedly Ellie and Jonathan. Jonathan was matched with Lauren Dunn, and Ellie with Ben Walters, however, both split before the experiment ended.

Then, Jonathan and Ellie entered the MAFS Reunion Dinner Party together and confirmed that they were dating.

Six months post-experiment, Ellie and Jono are in love, have been on multiple holidays, and have moved in together.

Shortly after the couple started dating, Ellie was hunting for an apartment on the Gold Coast and Jono told her to “come and stay as long as you want” at his.

Ellie told New Idea, “And all of a sudden I’ve taken over the bathroom and the wardrobe and my hair is everywhere!”

Ben and Aileen

MAFS couple Ben and Aileen

MAFS Groom Ben found love with a woman named Aileen after being on MAFS. The couple have since moved in together.

Ben told Yahoo Lifestyle that the milestone happened relatively quickly.

“We just decided with logistics and planning and moving forward, ‘Hang on, we can live with each other’,” he said. “It was after a period of time and we thought, ‘F**k it, why not?’.”

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