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Ready, Steady, Reboot: The sizzling new changes coming to Ready Steady Cook

It's "next level"!

Ready Steady Cook is back with a reboot and a brand-new host, the formidable Miguel Maestre, who has revealed some sizzling new changes to the format!

While the series will largely remain the same — yes, Teams Capsicum and Tomato are back — Miguel says that we can expect it to be “spontaneous and refreshing”!

“There’s no smoke and mirrors,” he told Chattr during an interview before the March 8 premiere. “The chefs still have no idea what ingredients are in the bag. It’s a very refreshing spin on what is an old classic!”

Miguel Maestre. Ready Steady Cook. Ten

The Ready Steady Cook Kitchen has had an upgrade

RSC returns to our screens after nearly 11 years and what was once a daytime show (yes, we all watched it while home sick from school) has now moved to a prime time slot on Fridays.

“I think it’s going to bring that element of happiness on a Friday night because there are a lot of serious cooking shows,” Miguel said, adding that production was now “next level”.

“The set is like being in the MasterChef kitchen,” he said. “The lights even change when one team wins and the equipment that we have [is amazing]. We even have a blowtorch!”

Ontop of the crème brûlée staple, there are fryers, food processors, two ovens and a “working sink” — which, is actually not as common as you would think on a set!

“We’ve got a food team of five people that come up with the freshest produce to get the kitchens fully operative, and the pantry looks amazing!”

In 2024, another addition to the set is a round pass in the middle, that gives off a kitchen restaurant feel.

“Now you have 10 seconds to get to the pass!” Miguel said, revealing that once you’ve finished cooking, you’ve got to race to ensure it’s served.

The Chef’s Challenge and Celebrity Duos

The 2024 format will also see the Chef’s Challenge, which pits two professional chefs against one another. And speaking of celebs, this year will see a heap of famous faces go up against the professional chefs — who also happen to be celebs.

The pro chefs include a bevvy of people who have appeared on MC and Dessert Masters in some capacity including Adriano Zumbo, Hayden Quinn, Anna Polyviou, Khanh Ong, Mindy Woods, Sarah Todd, Sergio Perera, Diana Chan, Alastair McLeod, Mike Reid, Adam D’Sylva and Alice Zaslavsky.

Sarah Todd, Miguel and Sergia Perera. Ten
Sarah Todd, Miguel and Sergia Perera. Ten

As for the non-chef celebrities, BrendanJonesyJones and Amanda Keller will go head-to-head with more duos to come.

“Everybody is such a good friend until the timer goes on,” Miguel said, before later exclaiming: “We have a little bit of everything in this show!”

Ready, Steady, Cook premieres on March 8 on 10 and 10Play.

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