is big brother returning in 2024

Exclusive: Will Big Brother Australia return in 2024? Seven have given us an answer

Is it time to bring back the OG version?

Big Brother Australia 2023 wrapped on December 6 with Tay and Ari crowned the winners. But after a season that seemingly struggled to maintain viewership, will it return in 2024?

When the latest season premiered on November 6, 274,000 metro viewers tuned in to watch 19 brand new housemates enter the Big Brother house.

By the time streaming numbers had been added in, the number climbed to 620,000, which showed promise for an iteration about finding love in an unusual environment.

tay and ari big brother australia 2023 winners
Tay and Ari, Big Brother Australia 2023 winners. Seven

However, by the season finale, numbers were steadily on the decline with only 152,000 metro viewers tuning in for the final episode.

For context, last year, when the series took a gamble bringing back OG Housemates, 363,000 watched as Reggie Sorensen came out on top for the second time, meaning there was a 41% drop between the 2022 and 2023 finales.

Chattr reached out to Seven to ask whether the series would return.

Big Brother performed well for this year in under 40s and, in particular, on 7Plus – both live streaming and video on demand. We will make a decision on a new season in due course,” a Seven spokesperson said.

Social media fans want the OG format back

For those fans on social media who have been watching the series week-to-week, they have made their sentiments known when it came to the change in format. A.K.A Turning the social experiment into a love experiment.

“I’m not getting the same vibe so far,” one person wrote. “They could be about to lose some viewers.”

While another person said: “I lasted about 30 minutes and then turned it off. It is the first time ever that I have missed a Big Brother season.”

“Bring back the original version of Big Brother. It will be the best thing for your ratings,” another said.

Meanwhile, returnee Tim Dormer took to Facebook on November 6 to share his feelings before it even began.

Tim Dormer, Big Brother 2022. Seven
Tim Dormer, Big Brother 2022. Seven

“Big Brother was the original, but now seems lost in an era of trying to be liked and liked by everyone else,” he said. “Can we keep the Survivor challenges and the cringey love stories on the islands where they belong and bring back the OG real live era of BB?”

Here’s hoping BB doesn’t go in the bin completely and instead, we give the people what they want!

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