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Abbie Chatfield and boyfriend Adam Hyde discuss if they’re monogamous in spicy Q&A

The reality star recently hard launched her new romance.

Abbie Chatfield and her newly unveiled boyfriend, Adam Hyde, have spilled a truck-ton of tea about their relationship and safe to say, nothing was off the table.

ICYMI: Abbie confirmed in the June 4 episode of her It’s A Lot podcast that yes, as fans had suspected, she’s dating Adam, who is one-half of music duo Peking Duk. He also performs as a solo artist under the stage name Keli Holiday.

Adam Hyde and Abbie Chatfield. Supplied.

In the episode, the pair shared that they’re “so in love” and “have a really healthy relationship”.

Now, in a follow-up episode hosted by Abbie’s bestie Kath Ebbs, the FBOY Island Australia host and her beau answered fans’ burning questions about their romance.

Are Abbie Chatfield and Adam Hyde monogamous?

Before revealing she was dating Adam, Abbie confirmed to fans that her new relationship was monogamous.

“I am really not in a position to be in an open relationship right now because of how traumatised my brain is,” she said in March.

Most publicly, Abbie was in an open relationship with The Bachelorette Australia‘s Konrad Bien Stephen, whom she dated for less than a year in 2021.

Abbie Chatfield recording her podcast
Abbie. Supplied.

In the June 7 episode of It’s A Lot, Abbie said she had concerns that Adam would want to be “open” as he’d been in previous relationships, and also given his career as a touring DJ.

However, when she expressed she wanted to be “monogamous”, Adam was all for it.

“We’ll talk about [being open] down the line,” Abbie said, with Adam adding that they’re “more monogamous than we originally thought”.

“But who’s to say, we’re open to having that conversation down the line,” he admitted.

Will Abbie Chatfield and Adam Hyde move in together?

When asked whether they’d move in together, it was a quick “yeah” from both Abbie and Adam.

“We’re pretty much living together right now, to be fair,” Adam confessed. “But, yeah, I’d like that.”

While Abbie, who rose to fame on The Bachelor 2019, said they planned to wait until her home renovations were finished to make the move official, their living situation would be a tad different from a traditional de facto relationship.

Adam. Supplied.

“It wouldn’t be the same as other people living together, because he goes away and I go away…he’s basically FIFO [fly in, fly out],” she explained.

“So, it’s not like we’re living together, and we’re together all the time and every day, forever.”

Adam Hyde reveals whether he’s written songs about Abbie Chatfield

It seems Abbie is living what might be every musician-loving gal’s dream, as Adam dished that he’s written “a couple of songs” about his bae.

“I’ve written quite a few songs that are all inspired by Abbie,” he said. “Like, as in her energy and sh*t.”

He then revealed that one of the songs, Two-Bit Soldier, will feature on his upcoming Keli Holiday album.

“Some would say I’m his muse,” Abbie joked. “Some would say that.”

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