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Abbie Chatfield hard launches her boyfriend as he reveals shock health diagnosis

Double whammy

After harbouring what might be her worst-kept secret, Abbie Chatfield has finally hard-launched her boyfriend, Peking Duk frontman Adam Hyde, albeit with a serious health warning.

In recent months, the former The Masked Singer Australia panellist has been breadcrumbing fans with some not-so-subtle hints about her new relationship, which she previously confessed makes her “cry every day” with happiness.

Now, just a few short weeks after sharing a spicy “semi soft launch” on the ‘gram, Abbie officially debuted her and Adam’s relationship in the June 4 episode of her It’s A Lot podcast.

“We’re so in love and we love talking about it,” the FBOY Island Australia host told listeners, revealing the duo first met when she interviewed Adam for her now-defunct radio show, Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield in 2022.

While their initial attraction was ever-present, it took some time before the pair embarked on what Abbie dubbed “the best date of [her] life”.

“I was so anxious, I was like, ‘I don’t know if I have enough things to talk to this person about’,” she recalled.

“But we had this really good date, and it was actually still the best date of my life.”
Adam agreed that the date was “incredible”, likening it to “something out of a fairytale”. Aw!

Abbie, who first rose to fame on The Bachelor Australia 2019, shared that her bae makes her feel “safe and calm all the time”.

“Not only are we so in love, but we also have a really healthy relationship,” she confessed. And honestly, what more could you want?!

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Abbie Chatfield’s boyfriend Adam Hyde reveals recent cancer diagnosis

While the two-part tell-all episode of It’s A Lot was filled with a sh*t-ton of love and laughter, Adam also revealed that he was recently diagnosed with skin cancer.

The musician, who also performs as a solo artist under the stage name Keli Holiday, said he received a call from Australian Skin Cancer Clinics about the condition while he was in LA.

“I hadn’t been given the results [from a recent skin check] so I was confused. And I thought it was serious and it was melanoma,” he said.

“[The doctor] said I have a double cancer in my neck, he used those exact words.”

Adam on Abbie’s podcast. Supplied.

Adam Hyde says he’s undergoing a “full surgical treatment” to remove “double cancer”

Clarifying that his diagnosis is “apparently not melanoma”, Adam said he is “going to get the full surgical treatment done” to remove the cancer.

“I’ve got moles all over my body. I spent too much time in the sun during my youth so it’s important to get your skin checked,” he urged listeners.

Despite Adam’s health scare, he confirmed that he and Abbie have been having “a really f**king good time”.

“When we’re together and our phones are away, or when Australia’s asleep, we’ve been having fun,” Abbie dished.

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