Ellie and Ben on MAFS

MAFS 2024: Are Ellie and Ben still together?

Well, this is juicy!

It was obvious that MAFS’ Ellie Dix and Ben Walters were stoked with the experts’ choice when they saw each other at the end of the altar, so are they still together now?

Well, it looks as though Ellie’s controversial cousin might have been onto something at the wedding when he shared that he wasn’t convinced the couple were well-matched.

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Ellie and Ben’s pairing

Ellie is a registered nurse who’s previously been dealt a bad hand when it comes to relationships.

She was previously engaged but found out that her fiance was cheating on her and they cancelled the wedding just one month before it was meant to take place.

Meanwhile, Ben is a tour guide who’s looking for “the one”.

According to his MAFS bio, he needs to be stimulated and can get bored easily – and hates “vanilla”. Ben admits to sometimes having unrealistic expectations and a fear of settling but he’s trying to change that,” it reads.

MAFS. Nine.

Are Ben and Ellie still together?

All signs point to no!

Ellie was spotted cuddled up with fellow groom Jono McCullough, who’s matched with Lauren Dunn, at her work party in December.

On top of that, she made a cryptic comment about Ben, which suggested that, like her cousin, she thinks that her TV husband may have just come on the show for fame.

“I feel like, after watching it last night that, you know, there were red flags with Ben. It was interesting to watch it back. And I think maybe he was there for both reasons,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

“Without saying too much. I feel like Ben really didn’t let his walls down completely.”

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