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Interview: Nathan reveals the VERY famous past Survivor players who gave him “lots of tips”

"I did exactly the opposite of what they told me to do"

Survivor Australia 2024′s Nathan Freeman may had a bit of a head start heading into the game thanks to his reality TV connections, but unfortunately, that didn’t help him make it to merge.

Nathan shared photos on his Instagram of himself with Love Island winner Mitch Hibberd on Instagram but revealed in an interview with Chattr that he’s actually pals with some very big names from Survivor.

“I’m really close with Shonee [Bowtell], who’s been on All-Stars before and Dave [Genat, who won Survivor All Stars],” he told Chattr in a post-elimination interview.

Dave and Shonee on Australian Survivor All Stars. Ten.

And, the former football player says he wishes he took their advice a little more seriously.

“They did give me a lot of tips, I reckon I did exactly the opposite of what they told me to do,” he laughed.

Nathan explained that he was so wrapped to be a part of Survivor, that the advice he got from Shonee and Dave went straight out the window.

“I think it does funny things to you I was just so excited and keen to get out there, obviously me and Franks got really close, and me and Jayden. We just got sucked into the game, we were way too overexcited and I think that sort of caused alarm bells with the rest of the tribe,” he said.

“They [Shonee and Dave] gave me some pointers, but I probably just did the complete opposite.”

Survivor. Ten.

This may not be the last we’ve seen of Nathan Freeman on Survivor

Nathan was undoubtedly one of the biggest personalities on Survivor Australia 2024, which could help him receive a ticket to return and play the game again.

Four of the 11 Survivor Australia seasons have featured returning contestants, and both Nathan’s pals, Shonee and Dave were on multiple seasons.

Nathan said he’d love to come back and play again, however, he added that he’d play a different game.

“Without a doubt, I’d be back in a heartbeat,” he said. “It’s the best game in the world.”

Survivor. Ten.

“I’ve had a lot of time to think about my game and what I’d do differently and I’d jump at the chance to go again because I think I’d do a lot of things differently and I think I’d do a lot better.”

“I’d be a bit more low-key and understated and work my way into the game,” he added.

“I think while you’re in the game it’s just a blur. Your brain is running on overdrive, your body is at its limit, and your emotions are redlining but when you get off this show, it think once you take a breather and have a good feed, I think you realise just how good it is.”

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