zac and trent love island australia 2023

Interview: Love Island’s Trent and Zac have taken the next step in their bromance

Just in case you were worried about their welfare...

Love Island Australia 2023 has delivered possibly the most chaotic (and toxic) bromance of the century between Zac Nunns a.k.a “Zacky Boy” and BFF Trent Woolman a.k.a “T-Dawg”.

During the December 5 episode, Trent was voted out by his fellow Islanders due to his inability to find a romantic connection while Zac sobbed uncontrollably in a corner over his best mate’s exit.

Speaking to Chattr before his elimination, Trent assured us that all is well between the pair, admitting that they now live together in Melbourne.

“It’s f–king amazing,” he said. “It’s so much fun!”

trent and zac love island australia 2023
Trent and Zac, Love Island Australia 2023. Nine

While it sounds like absolute debauchery, Trent also shared a funny anecdote about how his dad had asked him if he had found love in the Love Island Australia villa.

“I said, ‘Nah, I kind of did and I kind of didn’t’,” he joked. “And it’s with a boy if you don’t mind.”

The pair’s friendship has also not been lost on fans by way of comments on social media (that the boys read together in matching Bintang singlets no doubt) with Trent laughing about their ‘ship.

“Everyone wanted us to couple up and leave the villa,” he said, before revealing he was still single and that Zac was the “perfect wingman”.

“I’m not rushing into anything,” he said. “I’m having a hot boy’s summer, so I’m enjoying that and maybe I’ll settle down after that.”

trent love island australia 2023
Trent, Love Island Australia 2023. Nine

Trent’s shocking response to being called “toxic”

While their bromance has potentially been the most solid relo to come out of the villa, the fact that they were branded “toxic” by Chloe Jackson was a fair assessment, according to Trent.

“I feel like you’ve just got to own it,” he said. “We know watching it back — we’re literally watching it together each night — looking back, you just kind of have to nod your head and own it. I guess there’s no way of getting around it because it’s pretty plain and simple when you watch it.”

While this shocking admission is actually very mature for two guys who shower naked with their fellow male islanders as a way of bonding, Trent added: “I feel like we were being ourselves and not everyone’s going to like that.”

trent and zac love island australia 2023

“There are probably some things I do regret,” he added. “Like, obviously, the way we approached Abby [Miller] is one of them, but I can’t say that I got a bad edit. I don’t think that Zac and I got a bad edit at all. It’s plain and simple. We did those things that we did.”

Speaking of Abby (whom Zac and Trent confronted accusing her of causing drama), Trent said that they had immediate remorse as soon as the events played out.

“As soon as Abby walked off crying, we thought, ‘Yeh, we’re f–king idiots and that was definitely not the right thing to do. When you think about it, you’ve got two guys approaching one girl and the way that we did approach her is not okay.”

trent and zac and abby love island australia 2023
Trent, Zac and Abby, Love Island Australia 2023. Nine

Love Island’s Trent on his relo with Savannah

As for his s–ty behaviour towards Savannah Badger throughout his tenure, Trent said he didn’t think he was “doing the wrong thing”.

“After watching it back each night it’s like, ‘Well I really did look like a bit of a f–king idiot’,” he said. “But I don’t regret any of it because I knew at the time that Sav and I would be best friends on the outside.

“Everyone wants a best friend like Sav. She’s hilarious and so much fun.”

trent and savannah love island australia 2023
Trent and Savannah, Love Island Australia 2023. Nine

Admitting he knew there wasn’t a romantic connection, he also said: “I guess you could say I did lead her on.” Well, no s–t.

“I was telling Sav to go for new bombs and that we’re not going to force this. If it happens, it happens. You don’t really see all the conversations we had in the villa but what was shown, made me look like a bit of a d–khead.”

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