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Interview: Big Brother’s Taylah thinks a very surprising housemate deserves to win

"I had two minutes of unprotected sex and all of a sudden I deserve to win the most?"

Taylah was shockingly eliminated on Big Brother 2023 by Loui because he believed Australia would find her most worthy of the prize money.

The 24-year-old made the brutal move to send home Taylah, who is a single mother because it was the ‘right decision’ for his game.

During a post-elimination interview with Chattr, Taylah said that she was shocked at the elimination, but supported Loui’s strategic move.

Big Brother. Seven.

She went as far as to say that she believes that his cut-throat gameplay means he’s the most deserving housemate to win Big Brother 2023.

“He has definitely been the most strategic,” she said. “He was so strategic and so good at it, he should almost win based on that alone. He’s the one that has a game more than anyone has. Besides morals and everything, he’s the best.”

Taylah had no idea she was a fan favourite

Taylah’s down-to-earth personality and relatable sense of humour earned her a legion of fans on Big Brother 2023.

However, the 27-year-old said she was shocked when Loui told her that he believed she’d have a strong chance at winning the show when it came down to the public vote.

“That was the smartest decision that he could have made in the game,” she said. “I give him credit for that, he’s a strategic player and he followed that through to the end. Never once did I think that Australia would have voted for me to win. I didn’t think that I was a favourite or anything like that.”

Big Brother. Seven.

Taylah believes that all the finalists deserved to win in their own right, and said that just because she’s a single mum it doesn’t make her more worthy than the other housemates.

“All of them [deserve to win] in their own way. It’s hard reading the comments on Facebook, saying Taylor was the only one that deserved to win. I had two minutes of unprotected sex and all of a sudden I deserve to win the most?” She laughed.

The Big Brother Australia Grand Final airs Wednesday December 6th at 7:30 pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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