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Looks like Big Brother’s Loui has a new girlfriend and she’s basically Minee’s doppelganger

It's safe to say he has a type!

Loui’s relationship with Minee in the Big Brother Australia 2023 house has been one of the biggest rollercoasters of the season, and it looks as though it didn’t last after the house.

Loui has been tagged in an Instagram post by a blonde influencer called Isabella Skocic and the two look to be an item.

Isabella shared a video of her and Loui cuddling and kissing to her page two days ago, with the song Little Life by Cordelia added on top.

Just a week ago, she shared a collection of photos to her page, one showing them out to dinner together, and another showing him candidly walking down a path holding a bag.

Isabella has shared numerous photos of Loui over the past few weeks, including one of them together in Noosa, holding hands. She captioned the pic, “more than happy to be here”.

Isabella Skocic. Instagram.

Meanwhile, Loui doesn’t have any photos of Isabella posted to his Instagram page, but he noticeably doesn’t have any of Minee either…

Are Loui and Minee still together on Big Brother?

They are! However, the series was filmed a year ago, and it looks like the BB power couple is no longer together.

Loui and Minee showed interest in each other at the start of Big Brother 2023 and quickly formed a relationship. However, Minee broke up with him partway through the season.

Minee and
Big Brother Australia. Seven.

She and Gracie Mae were evicted from the house, but they received a second chance when they were sent to the half house. After living together for a while both contestants were asked to choose the housemate they trusted the most and Minee chose Loui.

Loui was given the choice to take $5,000 cash or let Minee return to the house, he chose the latter. Minee was ecstatic that Loui saved her, and they got back together.

The Big Brother Australia Grand Final airs Wednesday, December 6th at 7:30 pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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