Duncan and Evelyn from MAFS

MAFS’ Evelyn and Duncan are predicted to make over $1 million if they stay together

"It's harsh, but true"

Despite not being matched by the experts on MAFS 2023, Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis are expected to be one of the most financially successful couples to ever come out of the experiment.

The couple, who were matched with different people on the show but got together after filming wrapped, have already worked with several big brands including L’Oréal, Amazon, Pretty Little Thing, Lipsy London and Langham Sydney.

An industry insider has said there are likely many lucrative deals coming their way as long as they stay together.

“Their appeal to high-end brands is them as couple and staying together. If they split, their marketability will drop substantially and there’ll be less offers on the table. It’s harsh, but true,” the media source told Yahoo Lifestyle.

The insider believes that Duncan and Evelyn can be as successful as other MAFS alum like Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant, and Martha Kalifatidis and Micheal Brunelli, who are still together and steadily grown their brands as couples.

They estimated that the 2023 MAFS couple should be able to crack the $1 million mark over 24 months by teaming up on deals and presenting themselves as a happy entity.

How did Duncan and Evelyn get together?

Duncan was an OG groom on MAFS 2023 and was paired up with Alyssa Barmonde. While the pair started off strong, their relationship crumbled as time went on, and Duncan told Alyssa he didn’t want to continue their relationship at Final Vows.

Meanwhile, Evelyn entered the experiment as an intruder and was matched with Rupert Bugden. They also made it to Final Vows, but both decided it was best to part ways.

Evelyn and Duncan officially revealed that they were dating in an interview shared by 9Now in May.

‘We are in a relationship. This is [our] hard launch,’ Evelyn said in the video.

In August, the happy couple shared that they’d moved in together while plugging a removalist company in the caption.

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