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Interview: John Aiken and the show’s creators call Harrison Boon’s MAFS journey “compelling”

"He's the type person that a lot of women will have known."

According to expert John Aiken and series executive producers Tara McWilliams and John Walsh, Married at First Sight Australia 2023’s Harrison Boon is by far the most “compelling” Groom the series has ever seen.

While we’ve been triggered, nay, cringed through the single dad’s already rocky relationship with his TV bride Bronte Schofield; apparently, we ain’t seen anything yet.

“Harrison’s journey in the experiment is compelling,” Aiken told Chattr in an interview before the tenth series premiered.

“He jumps out of the screen at you. He’s dealing with all sorts of different issues that he brings into the experiment.

“Particularly how he handles his relationship with Bronte, but also how he works in with the group. And I think that is really fascinating because he is such a strong Alpha energy in that group.”

married at first sight harrison boon
Expert John Aiken says watching Married at First Sight’s Harrison Boon is “compelling”. Source: Nine.

“He’s the type of person that a lot of women will have known,” McWilliams added. “I don’t think he’s a bad guy. I actually quite liked Harrison.

“I think he is someone who watched back the show and would stand by everything he did.”

While she backed the 32-year-old builder, McWilliams admitted she would never “date a guy” like him before adding that she wasn’t saying “anything” that she “wouldn’t say to his face”.

“Harrison would cop that on the chin,” she said.

Married at First Sight executive producer John Walsh admits that MAFS Harrison Boon is on the “front foot”

Walsh agreed with his colleague’s sentiment, saying that the controversial groom was entirely on the “front foot” during the Married at First Sight experiment.

“The whole series, he never denies anything. He doubles down on it. It takes a lot of air out of it when you own it, admit it, and double down on it.”

married at first sight harrison boon bronte schofield
“He never denies anything,” executive producer John Walsh said of Harrison. Source: Nine.

According to Walsh, the other participants found it hard to “deal with” because he’s very upfront about his behaviour, which McWilliams called “frustrating” to watch.

“It’s really frustrating to watch, but it’s fascinating to watch,” she said.

While last year, the season primarily focused on Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco’s feud, McWilliams admitted that the Grooms were “along for the ride”.

“This year, there’s more balance because there’s a lot of Groom focus in this series. The spotlight is on a lot of our Grooms and how they’re behaving and how they’re reacting, and how they’re conducting themselves as much as the Brides.

“As a woman watching, I found it infuriating, and I found it frustrating,” she said before adding: “We’re seeing how the Brides deal with that, and I’m really trying to champion them.

“As an audience member, you’re championing them to kind of rise above and take their power back.”

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