Nick and Rach on MKR

Interview: MKR runner-up Nick reveals where his relationship with Rach stands now

They've spent some time together

MKR star Nick made no secret of his crush on co-star Rach throughout the MKR 2023 season.

While the two home cooks didn’t get as far as a showmance on the series, with months passed since the Grand Final was filmed, fans are still wondering if the runner-up managed to get the girl post-show.

While Nick didn’t exactly confirm a relationship between himself and Rach in a post-elimination interview with Chattr, he didn’t deny it either. In fact, he admitted that they’d hung out the night before.

“It was definitely great to see Tommy and Rach at our watch party last night, but yeah, we’ll see” he said coyly.

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Nick’s teammate and best friend Christian revealed that Tommy and Rach were one of their favourite teams on the show.

“They were close to us and age. Nick and I both have a background in acting like Rach and Tommy is from Melbourne himself, like us. Every little thing clicked with the four of us and we got along like a house on fire,” he said.

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Nick and Christian felt ‘absolute joy’ when Radha and Prabha won

In a nail-biting finish Radha and Prabha took out the MKR 2023 winners crown by just two points. However, despite being so close to winning, Nick and Christian said they were so happy for the sisters.

“We felt absolute joy for Radha and Prabha. We knew how much that competition meant to them. We knew how much it meant to us but seeing that joy on their faces when it got announced, there was so no ill will, there was no hard feelings, there was nothing but love and joy for them in the moment,” Christian said.

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“We don’t see it as we lost, we didn’t lose, we still won, they just happened to take out the crown of MKR.”

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