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“I adore him”: MAFS’ Andrea breaks her silence over her mystery sleepover video with Timothy

Sooo... are they together?!

In what may be the biggest twist in an already wild season of Married at First Sight, Andrea Thompson and Timothy Smith shared a video of them having a night in together with her daughter.

Yup, that Andrea who was paired with Richard Sauerman and that Timothy who was matched with Lucinda Light by the MAFS experts.

The video, which was taken by Andrea and shared by the Instagram account MAFSGossip, shows the Married At First Sight bride sitting on the couch alongside her daughter.

“We’re watching Jack and Tori’s final vows, Indi and I,” she begins, before panning the camera to Timothy asleep on the couch.

“With Timmy,” she added. “And, he’s so into it he’s fallen asleep. He’s that bored.”

What did Andrea say about the video?

Fans naturally grew suspicious that Andrea and Timothy had sparked up a relationship outside of the MAFS experiment.

However, Andrea has told New Idea that she and Timothy are just “beautiful friends”.

“There’s nothing romantic there,” she said.

“I adore him, and he adores me. He’s been a rock to me at times,” Andrea added.

Are Timothy and Andrea dating?

Well, all we have to go on at the moment is the video of Timothy and Andrea hanging out. In a house together. At night time.

HOWEVER, a friend of Andrea’s recently opened up about the reality star’s love life and hinted that she’s dating someone new who fans of the show would recognise.

“This man calls and texts her almost every day, he’s coming to see her this weekend they’re having a secret little catch-up and have planned to stay together for a few days and then in a week or two she’s going to go and see him again!!!”

Plus, the pal indulged that “readers would be familiar with this person.”

Could it be Timothy that the friend is referring to!?

Timothy on MAFS. Nine.

What else do we know about Andrea’s new man?

In March 2024, Andrea told Daily Mail Australia that she was back on the dating scene, but played coy about her current relationship status.

“Yes, I’m definitely dating again,” she told the publication. “I just wish someone would ask me out, and I have to tell you if this guy shows up with a scarf on, I’m running to the hills,’ she joked, referring to Richard’s fondness for donning the neck accessory.

Richard and Andrea on MAFS. Nine.

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