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All the juicy details revealed about the 2024 MAFS Reunion in one place

There's a LOT going on

The Married at First Sight Reunion is one of the most hotly anticipated – and juiciest – episodes on Australian TV. And, fortunately for us, we’ve got some spoilers about what will go down during the explosive instalment.

**WARNING: This article contains potential spoilers for MAFS 2024.**

From surprise splits to MAFS recouplings, here’s what you can expect to see go down in the 2024 Reunion.

Sara and Tim (somehow) made it as a couple, but will they survive the reunion?

In a mind-boggling revelation to most viewers, Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa committed to each other at Final Vows and will attend the reunion together.

However, all hell appears to break loose between the two after Jonathan McCullough drops a bombshell about Tim. The preview shows the (former) happy couple standing outside engaged in a screaming match.

Tim and Sara at the Reunion MAFS
Sara at the MAFS Reunion. Nine.

Tim and Sara got off to a rough start, but things went crashing down even further when it was revealed that Sara secretly met up with her ex-boyfriend and lied to Tim about it.

However, while Tim and Sara looked loved up at Final Vows, they don’t appear to last. Daily Mail Australia and The Wash shared pics of Tim flaunting his relationship with a new woman.

Cassandra lets loose

Throughout the season Cassandra Allen had her moments where she wasn’t afraid to call out other people’s poor behaviour. It appears that hasn’t changed because the preview shows her coming for one of the brides.

“You’re the weakest woman I’ve ever met in my life,” Cassandra says to an unknown bride.

Cassandra at the MAFS Reunion.

Madeleine won’t be at the reunion

Madeleine Jevic and Ash Galati’s time on MAFS was very short-lived, and Ash has revealed that the bride won’t even be returning for the reunion.

“I come back alone which was a blessing in disguise,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

“I was expecting her to come back. I followed things through till the end. I had an obligation to come back to myself, to the show, to the other couples. So I did the right thing and I showed up. But she didn’t.”

Ash told the publication that he hadn’t spoken to his former TV wife since they wrapped filming.

“As far as I know, no one’s heard from her,” he said. “As soon as I left the experiment I blocked her number. But, if she wanted to, she could reach out, but she’s probably forgotten about me.”

Ash and Madeliene at their MAFS Wedding. Nine.

Ellie and Jonathan confirm their relationship

The show’s worst-kept secret is that Ellie Dix and Jonathan – who were both married to different people on MAFShave coupled up post-show.

Ellie was paired with Ben Walters, and their relationship quickly went down in flames as they were the third couple to exit the experiment. However, Lauren Dunn and Jonathan lasted until Final Vows, so the relationship between him and Ellie came as somewhat of a shock.

Regardless, Jonathan and Lauren apparently had no qualms about sharing their new found love at the Reunion… right in front of Lauren’s face.

Lauren addresses her “secret Bali boyfriend”

Lauren may not be too worried about Jonathan and Ellie’s new relationship, as it’s been revealed that she was seeing a man she met in Bali before entering the experiment.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Lauren confirmed that she was seeing someone, but passed it off as a holiday fling.

It’s expected that she’ll discuss the mystery boo at the reunion.

Lauren Dunn will be at the 2024 MAFS Reunion

Collins and Natalie will be there

Ellie, Jono, Lucinda, Lauren, Jayden, Collins, Ash, Ben, Cassandra, Tristan, Sara, Tim, Jade, Tori and Jack are all shown in the Reunion Finale preview.

Back in February, during an interview with Hit Network’s The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G, Natalie Parham all but confirmed that she and Collins Christian will be returning for the reunion.

The couple struggled to connect at their wedding and were the first to exit the experiment.

“I’m going into the reunion with a mindset of, ‘I’m going to treat him how I felt I wanted to be treated at that first dinner party,'” Natalie said during the interview.

Natalie and Collins will be at the 2024 MAFS Reunion

Watch the two-part Married at First Sight Reunion Finale on Sunday, April 7th at 7.00pm and Monday, April 8th at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now.

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