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Soooo, when is MAFS groom Michael Felix actually going to get married?

Find out when!

One of the most devastating blows that has been dealt so far on MAFS 2024 was when John Aiken told Michael Felix that his groom had decided to drop out of the experiment before their wedding.

John promised the salesman that he and the experts were still working to find Michael his perfect match – but when will that happen?

Well, according to Daily Mail Australia, Michael will be reentering the experiment as an intruder, where he will finally (hopefully) get his happy ending. The publication reported that there will be six intruders, and Michael and his match will make up two of them.

What happened with Michael’s original match?

Michael was matched with Simon Flocco, whom viewers met at the Buck’s party in the premiere episode.

Simon on MAFS. Nine.

With both Simon and Michael revealing they were gay at their respective parties, it appeared all but definite that they’d be meeting each other at the altar.

However, a spanner was thrown in the works in episode three, when John sat Michael down and told him Simon had pulled out.

“I’ve got some real disappointing, and shocking, news,” he told Michael. “After the Bucks and the Hens night, your match decided to send us an email saying he no longer wanted to be a part of the experiment.”

“That’s definitely a hard blow,” Michael responded with tears in his eyes. “I feel like someone just ripped my heart out of my chest”.

MAFS. Nine.

However, John reassured Michael that he’d do everything in his power to find him a good match.

“We, the experts, have not lost hope. We are now looking closely at new matches for you,” he said.

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