Simon Flocco on MAFS

MAFS 2024: Meet runaway groom Simon Flocco

Will he come back?

Before MAFS Australia 2024 even started, Simon Flocco began making headlines, not for his antics on the show, but, instead, for dipping out before his wedding.

Yup, Simon is the runaway groom of 2024.

He was scheduled to marry Tesla salesman Mike Felix, but got cold feet before he walked down the aisle.

But, who exactly is Simon?

Simon Flocco
Simon Flocco. Instagram.

Simon was married to a woman

Simon was married for most of his 20s but came out as gay just before his 30th birthday. He maintains a great relationship with his ex-wife, and they co-parent their son together.

Simon has been in a seven-year situationship

After leaving his wife Simon was involved in a seven-year romantic relationship with a man. However, they were never officially dating.

According to his official MAFS bio, the experience left him wanting to find someone special to share a deeper relationship with.

Simon’s never been on dating apps, saying that he feels uncomfortable with the idea. But, instead decided to trust the experts on MAFS.

Why does Simon leave MAFS and will he return?

This one’s a bit of hearsay, but suspicions were raised when the MAFS cast photos were released and Simon’s was very clearly a Photoshop job. You can tell by the outside – as well as the lighting – of his cast pic that a low res photo was edited and used.

MAFS. Nine.

Simon confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that he made the decision to leave. However, he cryptically added that he will return to MAFS later in the season.

“MAFS wasn’t what I thought I wanted at this point in my life, that’s all,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

He added, “I just felt bad for whoever they set me up with. I did initially leave, but they managed to coax me back… I gotta look out for myself.”

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