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This is how much Harry Jowsey can make on a single Instagram Post

BRB crying jealous tears.

If Harry Jowsey‘s actions on the latest season of Netflix’s Perfect Match didn’t shock you then the serious coin he can make on Instagram sure will.

The 27-year-old Australian reality TV star — who shot to fame on Netflix’s Too Hot Too Handle debut season in 2020 — has an impressive 4.4 million followers on Instagram alone.

harry jowsey instagram
Jowsey shot to fame in 2020 on the debut season of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle. (Image: @harryjowsey.)

That’s a lot of potential influence and reach, something that is reflected in his estimated earnings on the platform.

As reported by PEDESTRIAN.TV, talent agency Hunter Talent has shared that Jowsey could charge just over $20,000 per post on the platform. Meanwhile, all a selfie costs me is my dignity.

harry jowsey instagram
Hear me out but I reckon I could also make $20K a post if I looked like this. And went on reality TV. Four times. (Image: @harryjowsey.)

In addition to his Instagram followers, Jowsey also has a podcast and YouTube channel to further attract brands into working with him.

Jowsey placed 28 in MediaWeek’s Social Media Influence 100 list in 2023.

He is also consistently re-entering the spotlight, following his reality TV debut in the midst of a global lockdown with stints on Dancing With The Stars, The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition and most recently the second season of Perfect Match.

Considering the cheeky possum knows how to cause a stir on screen, it’s safe to assume that each stint brings some increased engagement to Jowsey’s platforms.

In the latest season of Perfect Match, Jowsey was caught lying to his match on the show about kissing another contestant.

Is the pope catholic? (Image: Netflix.)

In the past, he was televised proposing to Francesca Farago following their rollercoaster romance on Too Hot To Handle.

The bloke does some questionable shit but boy does he know how to make good television. And with an estimated $20,000 price tag, I’m assuming he can do the same thing for Instagram ads.