Micah and Kaz on Perfect Match

Which Perfect Match season two couples are still together?

Did ANY of them make it?!

Netflix’s Perfect Match season two is trashy in the best way possible, but did any of the messy couples manage to find true and lasting love?

Well, for starters, we know that not a single one of the contestants finished the show with their first pick. However, five couples left the show in, erm, (ever-so-slightly) promising relationships.

The finale episode – which saw newly coupled pair Christine and Nigel take out the win – included a short reunion of sorts, which was filmed after the couples left the house.

However, that episode was filmed about a year prior to it’s debut on Netflix. So, understandably fans are wondering if any of the contestants lasted the distance. Spoiler alert; it’s grim.

Christine and Nigel

Christine and Nigel on Perfect Match. Netflix.
Christine and Nigel on Perfect Match. Netflix.

Although they were only coupled up for a day, Christine and Nigel were voted by their fellow contestants as a Perfect Match, and were sent to Thailand on a couples holiday.

While their romantic getaway appeared to go well, PEOPLE have since confirmed that the couple has split.

Harry and Jess

Harry and Jess on Perfect Match. Netflix.
Harry and Jess on Perfect Match. Netflix.

Harry and Jess were one of the strongest couples in the villa until Harry cheated on Jess with Melinda in episode eight.

Harry and Jess broke up after Melinda exposed his ways. However, they got back together after the finale was filmed.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, because the couple have since ended things for good.

“I felt like he really did want to change. I feel like he really had, I guess for lack of a better term, learned his lesson and he wanted something real,” Jess told PEOPLE. “It did not turn out how we thought it would, and there was a lot of promises and commitments that weren’t upheld, but I gave him the kind of grace that I would’ve wanted someone to give to me.”

Micah and Kaz

Micah and Kaz on Perfect Match. Netflix.
Micah and Kaz on Perfect Match. Netflix.

Like Jess and Harry, Micah and Kaz were a strong couple until… they weren’t.

Kaz blindsided Micah but coupling up with Christine, before later changing his mind and getting back together with her.

The couple broke up after the finale was filmed.

“I think a rollercoaster is a really good way to describe Kaz,” Micah told PEOPLE. “There was definitely a lot of moments that were probably seen that made it seem like there wasn’t much substance. But behind closed doors, there was an actual, real relationship.

“There were many, many great memories that we share that I’m happy, and I do not regret. I just don’t think that we were the right people for each other, and I don’t think that he was in a space to be someone that I could have something real with. So, just not the right time.”

Alara and Stevan

Alara and Stevan on Perfect Match. Netflix.

Alara and Stevan were fan favourites and linked up towards the start of the season. Neither side was swayed as numerous couples entered the villa, and fans were left solely disappointed when they didn’t win.

While the couple appeared steadfast on the show, they didn’t make it in the real world.

Chris and Tolu

Tolu and Chris on Perfect Match. Netflix.

Chris and Tolu found their way to one another mid-way through the season, but things are certainly soured since filming wrapped.

The two aren’t together, and Tolu has been flaming Chris on social media, after he posted a video of them together.

“I was being cordial and took a video with you, not knowing that you intended to use it for clout and click bait. Grow tf up and do better!!” She commented.

Elys and Bryton

Elys and Bryton on Perfect Match. Netflix.

Elys was originally matched with Harry, before pairing up with Justin for most of the season. However, towards the end, she decided to ditch Justin and couple up with Bryton.

The couple are no longer together.

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