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The Block Recap Episode 50: There’s post-Gnome fallout & the houses are open for inspection!

Plus, Eliza and Liberty dish on who they're still friends with

It’s episode 50 of The Block 2023 and it’s ‘Open For Inspections’ day for the first time in four years.

But, before we get into that, let’s look at the fall out from the Facade and Front yard reveals, shall we?

ICYMI, Leslie and Kyle sold their gnome, which gives the team who holds it a bonus point at the reveals, to Steph and Gian. They partly did this because they needed the money, but also because they wanted revenge on Leah who questioned their integrity in the Backyard week.

Meanwhile, Leah and Ash had a gnome too and were blindsided by the sale that could have threatened their win. However, regardless of the extra Gnome, Leah and Ash won the week by half a point and took home the prize of a Ford Mustang.

The Block. Nine.

Despite having received the prize, Leah and Ash were salty that they weren’t told about the exchange.

As all of the teams packed up their belongings and got ready to leave The Block, Leslie told producers that she wouldn’t miss Leah and Ash because she never built a relationship with them or “got to know them”. Ouch.

Leah and Ash shared that they felt the same and accused Leslie of gameplay while throwing a few more jabs in her direction.

The Block. Nine.

The cover of Domain Magazine has been announced

The Blockheads arrived back on Charming Street after a three-month break, and Alice from Domain popped in to unveil the cover of their latest rental magazine.

It was quite clear that Steph thought House Four would be gracing the cover, but to everyone’s shock, it was actually Kyle and Leslie’s.

Elsewhere at the reunion, Liberty touched on which of the Blockheads she and Eliza are still friendly with.

“We’ve had a lot of interaction with Steph and Gian and Leslie and Kyle,” she reveals. “We love them.

“Um… the others we….” she begins. “We have not had [as many interactions].”

Meanwhile, it seems that Leah and Kristy have squashed their beef and can be seen getting ready together.

The Block. Nine.

The houses are open for inspection!

Potential buyers and a whole lot of The Block superfans flocked to Charming Street to check out the houses on Open Day.

While each house had its own dedicated fans, it was clear to see that the majority of attendees thought that Gian and Steph’s house as their favourite.

Whether that will come through in the sale price is still TBD! Tune in to the hotly anticipated Auction Day on Sunday to find out.

The Block. Nine.

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