My Mum Your Dad host Kate Langbroek

Interview: Kate Langbroek thinks My Mum, Your Dad is one of the most sincere reality shows on TV

"People are really looking for what they say they're looking for"

My Mum, Your Dad host Kate Langbroek has compared the show’s format to other Australian reality TV series and explained that she believes audiences respond to its sincerity.

The show sees children bring their single mothers and fathers together in the hope of setting them up and finding them love.

During an interview with Chattr, Langbroek said that the contestants are genuinely joining the show in the hope of finding love.

“I think a lot of reality TV is a bit more cynical – you know that people are going on there because they want to lift their profile or they want to boost their business or whatever the motivation is.

“That’s not to say that it’s still not highly entertaining, but you don’t necessarily believe that people are really looking for what they say they’re looking for,” she explained.

“Whereas because you’re dealing with a different demographic [with My Mum, Your Dad], you know that the intentions of the people, the parents that have gone on the show are quite sincere. I think it’s the sincerity that gives it a resonance.”

The responsibility of dealing with family relationships on reality TV

The mother of four added that the showrunners behind My Mum, Your Dad take the job of genuinely matching up the singles very seriously.

“It has the best interests of the people involved because it’s a responsibility. No one’s casual about it because we have your children with us, and the children have brought their parents with them. So it means that we were not cavalier about that, and I think people respond to that.”

Langbroek said that there is a lot of bravery involved with the parents choosing to take part in a show that follows them looking for love while their children watch on.

“It is very courageous for people to commit to what is you at your most vulnerable, which is when you’re falling in love with someone, or when you just have to put yourself out there. To do that in front of the eyes and millions of strangers is quite incredible.”

Kate Langbroek on watching contestants fall in love

Langbroek gushed about how special it is to watch contestants fall in love before her very eyes on My Mum, Your Dad.

“When you actually watch two people fall in love in front of your very eyes on a reality show. That is incredible. I actually called my husband from the set and said, ‘It works! It works!””

She added that the fact that My Mum, Your Dad isn’t “orchestrated” like other shows, means that there’s a higher possibility of a connection happening.

“When you actually feel the connection from two people who really had entered the orbit of each other’s world and it’s almost like we don’t even exist. When you see it happen in front of you, it is incredible.”

My Mum, Your Dad airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now.

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