Daisy and Todd on FWAW

FWAW 2024: Farmer Todd and Daisy reveal their baby plans

Say WHAT?!

Farmer Todd and Daisy had a very tumultuous journey on Farmer Wants A Wife, but eventually love prevailed and the couple left the show together.

Although Todd only joined the show a short few weeks ago, he’s eliminated Lady after Lady and was left with just Daisy and Grace in the Finale part one.

After meeting the family and friends of both women, Todd told Daisy that she was the one for him, but are they still together now?

Here’s everything we know about the future of Todd and Daisy’s relationship.

Todd and Daisy on FWAW. Seven.

Are Farmer Todd and Daisy still together?

Todd and Daisy are still together.. At the Reunion, the couple revealed that Daisy had moved to Todd’s farm, and that things were going swimmingly between them.

There was even talk of a ring!

“He took me to the place where we’re going to get married,” Daisy told Sam.

When Sam asked if the couple were getting married, Todd clarified that he hadn’t “got down on one knee yet but said they’d “had the chat about it”.

Later in the segment, Todd reiterated that he was planning on proposing to Daisy.

“I will have to get my knee dirty,” he said.

The couple have even discussed having kids soon!

“We both want to start a family,” Todd told New Idea in an interview after the Reunion aired.

Daisy added: “There’s definitely kids in the future. We talk about kids all the time. We actually sat down last week and went through names which we did and didn’t like!”

Furthermore, some sleuthy Facebook users have discovered that Daisy has a new job working as a real estate agent near Todd’s farm.

Hennessey Real Estate lists Daisy as a Sales Agent, and the office is located just 30 minutes from Todds Farm in Baan Baa, NSW.

Hennessy Real Estate.

Farmer Todd and Daisy’s pairing

Daisy caught Todd’s eye straight away, however, they hit a rough patch after the Farmer’s friends didn’t approve of his front runner.

Daisy came clean about a previous marriage while at lunch with Todd’s friends, and they didn’t take the news warmly.

Almost all of Todd’s mates warned him off Daisy and said that she reminded them of his ex. While Todd was initially upset at the reaction, his connection with the gym owner was too strong to give up on.

Farmer Todd’s final two ladies

After meeting Daisy and Grace’s family and friends, he sat them down individually to reveal his final decision.

Grace arrived first, and Todd told her that while their relationship was a “slow burn”, it was “worth the wait.”

Todd and Grace on FWAW. Seven.

Then he broke the news to her and told her that he’d decided to “follow his heart” and pick Daisy.

Farmer Todd’s decision

Next, Daisy was ushered in and Todd told her that she was the one for him.

“Finding love is a big risk. I’m willing to take the risk with you, Daisy. I can finally give you the reassurance that I am definitely falling in love with you,” he said.

“This is where the exciting part starts right? Forever,” Daisy replied.

Todd and Daisy on FWAW. Seven.

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