Natalie on MAFS

MAFS 2024: Meet clumsy and adorable bride Natalie Parham

Plus, peep her SUPER cute doggo

Natalie Parham is walking down the aisle on MAFS 2024 with the hope of finding someone as unique as her.

In a trailer for the series, Natalie admitted that she’s “quite different to a lot of girls.”

“[I’m] Definitely not a bronzed babe. My teeth are too big, I smile too gummy, I’ve got wrinkles on the side of my eyes,” she added.

It’s clear that Natalie doesn’t take herself too seriously, as she giggles about tripping in her wedding dress multiple times, before being carried to the alter by a group of people.

Natalie is looking to find true love on the popular reality show, stating: “I’ve got so much more love to give I feel like I’m about to break out into song!”

The 32-year-old has worked as an Osteopath since 2015, after completing her Bachelor of Clinical Science degree at Victoria University in 2014.

The Victorian bride has an adorable two-year-old Samoyed whom Natalie created an Instagram page for and regularly shares cute photos.

Natalie Parham. Instagram.

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