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Survivor Interview: Jess responds to Nathan’s savage comments about her being irrelevant

"That's Nathan's personality to put people down"

Survivor Australia 2024 castaway Nathan Freeman made no secret of his vendetta against Jess Danaher.

Fortunately for him, she was booted off at the second tribal council, in a close vote which saw her just one ahead of Nathan to leave.

In one particularly stunning scene, Nathan called Jess an “easy kill”.

“Jess is lovely but I just feel like she’s a bit, not irrelevant, but I think she’s an easy kill,” he said in a producer-led interview.

During an interview with Chattr, Jess said she was shocked when she watched the show back and heard Nathan’s negative comments about her.

“He made a few comments that I thought were pretty harsh,” she said. “It was mean and I’m not a nasty person.”

Nathan and Jess on Survivor. Ten.

Jess thinks Nathan unfairly targetted her

In episode one, Jess was part of a charge that targeted Frankie, and Jess told Nathan that it was because she was one of the “strong women”. Little did she know, Frankie and Nathan had formed a strong alliance.

At the second tribal council, Jess explained that she wanted to shift the power away from the physically strong contenders leading the votes.

During in our chat, Jess explained that none of the moves she made in the game of Survivor were personal, and instead, she focussed on strategy.

“I put votes on Frankie from a position of her strength and power, and the same with Eden. It wasn’t going: “I don’t like Eden because blah blah.” It was because of Eden’s attributes that make him a strong contender, these are the reasons I think he should go.”

Jess said that she felt Nathan turning against her, and him speaking poorly of her to the camera, was upsetting to see.

“I was disappointed. But, if that’s Nathan’s personality to put people down, then that’s on Nathan. Some of the bitchy comments [he said] or to take things out of context, then that’s on him. I can only control how I come across and I came across, I’d like to think, as a person who doesn’t put people down and says it how it is.”

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