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Channel 7 personality accused of child sex crimes has 40 more charges added

She now has approximately 40 charges against her

A Channel Seven media personality who was recently revealed to have a string of charges against her has been hit with 40 more.

**Content warning: This article may contain references involving child sex crimes that may trigger readers.**

The woman can not be named because of legal reasons, and the charges include rape, torture, assault and serious child abuse offences. The woman is currently on trial in Richlands Magistrates Court.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the unnamed woman had 37 charges against her. She’s since had an additional 38 added on November 7th and an additional charge added on November 10th. One charge of common assault has since been dropped. 

Prior to October, people who were charged with sexual offences in Queensland were able to stay anonymous, however, on October 3rd the law changed and those charged can legally be named by the media.

However, the woman’s lawyer requested that her identity stay hidden because of her public profile. The judge granted the request on the basis that she may self-harm if her name was revealed. It was reported that the woman attempted self-harm earlier this year after the charges themselves were made public.

The only information about her identity that has been publicly revealed is that she recently appeared on a popular Channel 7 TV show.

The woman’s partner, who also cannot be named, is also facing charges of torture and common assault, among others.

Magistrate Aaron Simpson has increased the woman’s bail and the matter has been set down for committal mention on January 23, 2024.

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