i'm a celeb finale 2023

Recap: The winner of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here has been crowned

It was a bittersweet farewell to the jungle.

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here Australia 2023 drew to a close on Sunday, April 30 and it was a bitter-sweet affair. Not only was the Queen of the Jungle crowned, but it also marked Dr Chris Brown’s farewell from the show.

After 14 celebs walked into the jungle and just over four weeks in the South African wilderness, Harry Garside, Liz Ellis and Aesha Scott became the final celebs battling it out to become the reigning monarch.

Aesha Scott, Harry Garside and Liz Ellis. 10.

A record breaking 1.5 million people have voted during the season, with more votes tallied during the finale to crown the winner; bringing it to a total of over two million.

An emotional reunion saw the final three see there family for the first time

But before the winner could be announced, the final three were greeted by their loved ones in an emotional reunion.

While Aesha’s boyfriend, Scott surprised her, Harry’s dad, Shaun came with the news that he was now an uncle; and Liz was able to give her husband Matthew and her kids Austin and Evelyn a big hug.

The families participated in the final trial

In a gorgeous turn of events, the families participated in a final trial with hilarious results.

“Today, your loved ones will be doing all the work,” Dr Chris told the celebs, stating that there were three stars up for grabs.

Austin and Evelyn — clearly having fun giving Liz an electric shock and getting actual crap dumped on her — managed to win one star.

Austin and Evelyn. 10.

Harry’s dad Shaun was tasked with completing the challenge in boxing gloves, with Harry yelling: “I’ll put you in a home early!” However, he managed to win another star!

Scott was up last, and was given some rock climbing glasses. The caveat? It made everything turn upside down!

Giving Aesha a kiss, he then failed the challenge miserably; he still managed to win them a final star.

“When have you ever been bad at something?” Aesha said. “You choose today of all days!”

Scott. 10.

But it wasn’t over. Austin was then given the opportunity to complete the task and if he failed, Dr Chris would get a pie in the face. It was super cute and very sweet!

Unfortunately, after an almost perfect go, Liz’s son hit the wire and host Julia Morris took great pleasure in not only giving Dr Chris a pie in the face, but also a lick. Lol.

Dr Chris and Julia Morris. 10.

The celebrities had a final meal in the jungle

With some fab product placement by Harris Scarfe, the final three celebs were treated to a feast of epic proportions.

“You’ve gotta go without to appreciate with,” Aesha said, before she and Liz agreed it was “better than sex”.

Harry, Aesha and Liz then spoke about how the jungle had changed them.

“This has absolutely changed my perspective on life,” Liz said.

Third place was announced

“It’s time to announce who has come third place,” Julia said. “You were all adored the minute you stepped into the jungle.”

“In third place, the celebrity who must immediately leave the jungle is Aesha!”


“I’m used to being on reality tv, my only rule is going in there and being yourself,” Aesha said before later adding that her life motto is “if it’s not going to kill you, get over it.”

“I feel amaaaaazing,” she said.

Although she came third, Dr Chris announced that 10 would make a generous donation to her charity, the Cancer Council.

Dr Chris and Julia were joined by the most recently evicted celebs and the final two

Julia and Dr Chris spoke with Nathan Henry, Pete Hellier, Adam Cooney, Woody Whitelaw and the most gorgeous guest, Woody’s daughter, Remi.

They all separately said that they wanted “Queen Liz” to win the crown.

Woody’s daughter, Remi. 10.

Once joined by the final two, Dr Chris and Julia asked them what the show had given them.

“I’m really grateful I have a clear direction about what to do in my boxing career,” Harry told them before talking about going to the Olympics.

“Paris is only 15 months away, I’m going to try and change the colour from bronze to gold.”

When talking to the co-hosts, Liz said that she learned resilience from her netball career. She also made the decision to stay grey so that people “like” her could have someone on TV to look up to.

Harry’s then spoke about Reach and Liz spoke about Share the Dignity, charities which 10 will also donate to.

Liz and Harry. 10.

The winner of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here 2023 was crowned

After a gazillion ad breaks, the Queen of the jungle was finally named.

Congratulations to Liz Ellis!

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