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Interview: Survivor Australia’s Frankie reveals who will be power players on Titans v Rebels

She listed three castaways

The premiere episode of Survivor Australia 2024 packed some serious punches, with the Main Character of the night Frankie Guascoine being voted off at Tribal Council via a blindside.

Though Frankie may be gone, During an interview with Chattr, she listed who she believes will be the new George Mladenov, Shonee Bowtell and Luke Toki this season – big characters whose names will be remembered for seasons to come.

“There’s some really big players on there. I feel like there’s some really big fans of the show and they wanted to pull some news early and get the game going,” she said.

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Who did Frankie list as the most memorable players to come this year?

Frankie was quick to name Jaden Laing from the Titans side as one to watch this season.

“I think that even the ones that don’t look like they do have quite big personalities, but Jaden is gonna give you guys a laugh. He’s a funny guy he’s got some great one-liners,” she said.

The business owner went on to explain why she called Valeria Sizova the ‘Russian Killer’ and said she was another one to look out for.

“Valeria, she’s got some stories that were just making you laugh. I called her the Russian killer because she was telling me how she wrestled a wolf once! You guys are in for a ride.”

Lastly, she shared a cryptic warning about former AFL player Nathan Freeman.

“Nathan’s a legend, he’s so funny… Don’t underestimate Nathan.”

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Frankie thinks it was a “silly” move getting rid of her so early

As fans of Survivor will know, the contestants are whittled away until there’s a final three. At the finale, that trio needs to prove themselves in front of the jury, which is made of former contestants, and they vote for the winner.

The slogan for Survivor is Outwit, Outplay and Outlast, so big moves – like getting rid of strong players – are usually looked favourable upon by the jury.

It goes without saying that Frankie is physically strong, and has a big personality. So, had a castaway made the bold move to blindside her later in the game, it would have likely helped them more in the end.

Survivor. Ten.

“I think it was a silly move,” she said of being voted off. “Because how are you going to claim that later when half the rebels didn’t know me and how we claim that later, if you’re like ‘I was the one who got rid of Frankie’ and they’re like ‘Who?'”

“It’s a big move playing big moves at the beginning, with 46 days to go, now you’re going to have to hide.”

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