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A spicy Australian queen will be hosting the Real Housewives of Sydney reunion

The crown jewel of the Housewives episodes

Joel Creasy will be following in Bravo star Andy Cohen’s footsteps and hosting the Real Housewives of Sydney reunion special.

He will be joined by the fabulous RHOS cast Caroline Gaultier, Dr Kate Adams, Krissy Marsh, Nicole O’Neil, Sally Obermeder, Terry Biviano and Victoria Montano. 

The one-hour special will see the housewives revisit some of the most dramatic moments of the season and those will most likely come hand in hand with some screaming matches. It will also look back at all the hilarious and memorable moments, as well as the extravagant, high-end fashion, that have kept audiences tuning into the popular series.

Joel Creasy. Binge.

Why Joel Creasy?

Of course, Joel Creasy is a hilarious Australian comedian who doesn’t hold back on digging for dirt when it comes to anything gossip-related. However, he actually had a specific connection to Real Housewives of Sydney.

Joel hosts a weekly podcast called Real Housewives of Sydney where he interviews the housewives about what went down on the latest episode of the show.

Since the season started, he’s chatted with Krissy, Caroline, Dr Kate, Victoria, and Sally. You can find all of the episodes here.

Is this the first ever Real Housewives of Sydney reunion?

No, season one of Real Housewives of Sydney, which aired back in 2017, had a reunion and it was hosted by Australian fashion designer Alex Perry.

Real Housewives of Sydney season one reunion. Bravo.

As per most Housewives reunions, the special bought the drama and it saw≈‘ Levendi and Victoria Rees go all out in a screaming war.

At the time, The Daily Telegraph reported that Athena had to be restrained after threatening to “f**king smash” Victoria after the cameras stopped rolling.

With tensions escalating between Terry and Krissy in recent episodes, one can only imagine the d-r-a-m-a that will ensue in the upcoming instalment.

Real Housewives of Sydney reunion special will air on Binge.

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