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Will Remi REALLY die during the Home and Away 2023 season finale? Here’s everything we know

Say it isn't so!

It’s been a chaotic and intense year on Home and Away and November 29’s triple ep finale is set to get your heart racing with one question on everyone’s lips. Does Remi (Adam Rowland) really die?

While Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) head off for what is seemingly an innocent camp getaway, back at the Bay, Bree (Juliet Godwin) tells her boyfie Remi that she wants to join Doctors Without Borders, asking him to come with her. While a tough decision, it’s clear Remi cannot let the love of his life go.

Cash and Eden. Home and Away
Cash and Eden. Seven

During an interview with TV Week, Rowland admitted that while they’ve been through so much already, “he knows she needs to do this for herself, regardless of whether he can go or not.”

Eden calls for Remi to pick her up

Torn, Remi feels he must talk to his friend Eden, who coincidentally calls him asking him to pick her up…on his motorbike. DUN DUN DUUUUN!

“I am done. Come pick me up. Now,” Eden tells him.

Meanwhile, Cash overhears the conversation and is, in no uncertain terms, pissed.

Heading to his friend’s aid — and with his own motivation to get clarity on the situation — Remi heads off on said bike, where he’s struck by a car.

The two unknown men behind the wheel have been distracted due to a fight, colliding with Remi before and the collision throws Remi off the bike, leaving him motionless on the ground.

What has Adam Rowland said?

So, does Remi live or die?

“After a collision like that, it would seem entirely likely no one would survive!” Rowland said during the same interview.

Well, R.I.P Remi…we think!

Watch the Home and Away triple episode finale on November 29 at 7.00 pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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