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Tips to secure a ticket to Taylor Swift’s Australia tour because we know All Too Well how hard it is

Whatever you do, don't use your work wifi.

While the upcoming Taylor Swift Australia tour is most certainly a good thing, the caveat is that tickets are ridiculously hard to get.

If your following on Instagram is anything like mine, then you’ve probably seen IG story after IG story of Swifites virtually waiting in the Ticketek line to secure pre-sale Eras tickets this week, only to leave the site empty-handed. And, with the general sale for Taylor Swift tickets opening on Jun 30, it’s likely to be another figurative blood bath for Swifites.

So, to help you get your hot little hands on one of those coveted tickets, we’ve popped together five tips that should increase your chances.

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 1. Sign in to your Ticketek account

Once you’re in, make sure your payment details are updated so that you can make the process smoother, and won’t get cut off by the timer.

2. Only use one browser at a time

Don’t use multiple browsers in the hope that it will increase your chances of getting through the waiting lounge. There’s a chance this might actually decrease your chances of getting through.

“To help speed up your sale process we do not recommend having multiple browsers/windows/tabs open or attempting to log in via multiple devices,” the Ticketek FAQ reads.

3. Use a Ticketek account that you’ve used to purchase tickets before

Take this one with a grain of salt, but social media users believe that an established Ticketek account has a better chance of making it out of the waiting lounge and into the ticket purchasing section.

“If you’ve made previous Ticketek purchases you have a higher chance of being selected – Ticketek clearly knows you’re not a bot,” an Instagram user claimed.

“It definitely depends on if you’ve made another Ticketek purchase. It affects your cookies,” said a second.

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4. Don’t use your work internet

Ticketek identifies customers by their IP addresses. This is done to ensure fairness so that one person doesn’t end up with a lot of tickets. So, if someone else (like a co-worker) has purchased a ticket on the work internet, then you won’t be prioritised in the queue.

If you don’t have the option to use your home wifi, you can always hotspot your phone, which will have its own individual IP address.

5. Be quick with payment once you’re through to the purchase page

When you get through to the ticket page, make sure you make the payment process, er, swift because there’s a time limit.

“Once they’re through they need to remember to keep an eye on the timer and complete their purchase within the time frame,” A Tiketek spokesperson told The Guardian.

Taylor Swift. Instagram.

So there you have it, somewhat of a solution to the Champagne Problems of not being able to get your hands on a Taylor Swift pre-sale ticket.

Tickets for the Taylor Swift’s Australian Eras tour go on sale for the general public on June 30 via Ticketek.

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