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All the explosive rumours we’ve heard about the brand-spanking new season of MAFS

Revenge porn, cheating scandals and a whole lot of drama!

Strap in because it’s officially MAFS season and there’s a whole bunch of juicy rumours floating around about what will go down on season ten of the popular reality TV show.

We know you’re here for the goss. So, without any further ado let’s get into it, shall we?

MAFS experts
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Four brides will be stand-out stars

According to Daily Mail Australia, brides Lauren Dunn, Sara Mesa, Eden Harper, and Tori Adams will be taking up a lot of screentime.

Lauren and Sara, in particular, will be bringing the d-r-a-m-a.

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“They aren’t afraid of confrontation and were often praised by producers for making the show,” a source told the publication.

MAFS executive producer Mollie Harwood backed up the tidbit.

“Lauren just said exactly what she was thinking at all times, and that’s all we can ask for – genuine reactions and responses,”  she told the publication.

“We don’t want a filtered response. We don’t want filtered people, and Lauren understood that.”

There will be another revenge porn scandal

One of the grooms will allegedly be involved in a revenge porn scandal, with Daily Mail Australia reporting that he’ll face backlash for sharing intimate snaps of an ex at a gym.

John Aiken echoed that sentiment when he told the publication that this season will be largely based on trust.

“I often think loose lips sink ships,’ he told Daily Mail Australia. ‘In this series, people often air dirty laundry when they shouldn’t and there are consequences to that.”

Cass on MAFS
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There will be a cheating scandal

It’s almost impossible to remember a recent season of MAFS without a cheating scandal, and, apparently, that won’t be changing this year, either.

Daily Mail Australia has reported that there will be a bride on MAFS 2024 that explores her options.

“The cheating scandal only came out because [someone] decided to betray their friend in an attempt to bring in some drama,” a source cryptically told the publication.

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Viewers can expect a whole lot of drama at the Dinner Parties

This year’s cast apparently got the memo when it comes to creating drama at the dinner parties. A MAFS producer told the publication that the dinner parties wrapped in record time.

In the past, it’s been well-reported that dinner parties run all night, and they often continue until the producers get the level of drama that they’re looking for from the participants.

“This crew get things off their chest very early. They don’t hold back,” relationship expert John Aiken added.

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