Bump season 4

Bump Season 4 is coming and we’re jumping forward two more years

Life: still not what you planned.

Stan Original Series Bump is back for season four (if you can believe it) and once again, we’ve jumped forward two more years!

Oly’s the brand new breadwinner; Santi’s the unhappy stay-at-home dad, and the endless interventions from their big mess of a family are going to make or break them.

Here’s everything we know!

Nathalie Morris, Bump. Stan
Nathalie Morris, Bump. Stan

Official Synopsis for Bump Season 4

Oly (Nathalie Morris) and Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr) are back together, having finally stabilised their small family unit with their challenging seven-year-old Jacinda.

Angie (Claudia Karvan) has moved out of the Chalmers-Davis house into a protest camp, focusing on environmental activism and the climate crisis in part as a useful distraction from her recent heartbreak.

Dom (Angus Sampson) is happily re-living his share-house years with his best mate Tim, while Reema (Safia Arain) and Vince (Ioane Sa’ula) begin to reckon with the fact that their relationship may not have a viable future.

Ava Cannon. Bump, Stan
Ava Cannon. Bump, Stan

A somewhat lost Bowie (Christian Byers) is struggling through his Saturn return and has big questions about the direction his life should take.

As the chaos of life shows no signs of settling down, our characters look for ways to find joy in life’s many curveballs.

When will Bump Season 4 be released?

The brand new season of Bump will premiere on Boxing Day a.k.a December 26, 2023.

Who is in the cast?

Along with Stan Original Bump series regulars Morris and Sanson Jr, the entire Chalmers-Davis family is returning including Karvan (Spirited), Angus Sampson (The Lincoln Lawyer) and Byers (Stan Original Series Year Of).

Dylan Alcott AO, Nathalie Morris and Claudia Karvan, Bump. Stan
Dylan Alcott AO, Nathalie Morris and Claudia Karvan, Bump. Stan

Sa’ula (Preppers), Arain (The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race), Paula Garcia (Thirteen Lives), Ava Cannon and Claudia de Giusti will also be back.

In the greatest news ever, season four will also introduce a fresh and exciting cast including award-winning, critically acclaimed stand-up comedian Steph Tisdell (Class of 07) and Dylan Alcott AO, Australian tennis player, Australian of the Year 2022 and Paralympian. So cool!

Steph Tisdell and Morris. Bump, Stan
Steph Tisdell and Morris. Bump, Stan

Is there a trailer?

You bet! On November 28, Stan released a brand-new trailer for season four of Bump. You can watch it below.

The brand new season of the Stan Original Series Bump will premiere on Boxing Day. Every episode of Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are now streaming, only on Stan.

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