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There’s a YUGE Masked Singer rumour going around, but we have our own theory

"That's how Ryan Reynolds was on Japan's version but wasn't even in the country"

The concept of the Masked Singer Australia is quite simple: celebrities don extensive costumes so that their identities are hidden and perform a song before a panel of judges try to guess who they are. The least popular singer – as voted by the judges and audience – must remove their costume and reveal who they are at the end of the episode.

However, according to a new theory floating around the interwebs, it’s been speculated that the performer is actually a rando, and the celebrities only appear to film their own reveals.

“The reason is they don’t want audience members to give spoilers away. They film all of the reveals, every single Masked Singer, at the start of the show before it’s even gone to air, so they have them in the bank,” TikTok user Mason Hell-Cat dished.

“The celebs go in a sound booth and record their songs. The songs are just played each week and there’s somebody inside the suit dancing around on stage, but it’s not the celeb… They just play the tape of the reveal, depending on who they want to reveal that week.”

@masonhellcat I cant believe this has only just twigged with me about the Masked Singer. But it all makes so much sense now… #maskedsinger #FYP #AussieComedy #MasonHellCat ♬ Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams

While the theory is questionable, a follower shared some supporting information in the comments section.

“Wow! That’s how Ryan Reynolds was on Japan’s version but wasn’t even in the country for the reveal,” they wrote.

Our theory

With a whopping nine seasons of The Masked Singer America and four of The Masked Singer Australia already released, it feels as though a bombshell like this would have already been leaked if it were true.

The Masked Singer episodes are pre-recorded, which explains why some of the celebrities who’ve been revealed aren’t in the country at the time their episode airs.

Plus, to debunk the theory even further, the celebrities perform their song again after their mask has been revealed.

The Masked Singer star Sandra Sully
The Masked Singer. Ten.

Of course, who’s actually behind the costumes is one of the most compelling aspects of the show. So, a simpler explanation would be that live audience members aren’t allowed, so they don’t spoil the reveals before the episode airs.

The Masked Singer Australia Chrissie Swan has confirmed that live audience members are avoided for this reason.

“That is true, so the show goes on completely as normal. The audience sees all the performances and we are the only ones that see the reveal,” she said on The Chrissie Swan Show.

The Masked Singer Australia continues Monday at 7.30 pm on 10 And 10Play.

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