Alone season 2 cast

Alone Australia Season 2: Meet the brave cast who will face the ultimate wilderness challenge

Who will survive and walk away with $250,000?!

The record-breaking smash hit survival series Alone Australia is back and with a whole new cast!

Returning on Wednesday, March 27 at 7.30pm on SBS and SBS On Demand, 10 Australian survivalists will be dropped into the extreme and wild terrain of New Zealand’s South Island (Aotearoa’s Te Waipounamu).

Facing the ultimate test of human will, participants will be completely isolated from the world and each other, stripped of modern possessions, contact and comforts, to self-document their experience!

Challenged by the merciless forces of nature, hunger, and perhaps the toughest challenge of all: loneliness, who will survive the longest and walk away with $250,000?!

Meet the cast of Alone Australia 2024!

Andreas, 42

Personal Trainer & Subsistence Hunter, NSW

“I’m confident my body can handle this. I have tested myself in the past, but there’s a big difference between holding your breath for four minutes versus staying out in the bush for three months…”

Chace, 27

Defence Force Combat Engineer, QLD

“Being Alone is a dream come true. Growing up, I didn’t watch ‘Bob the Builder’… I’d be out trying to hunt grandpa’s rabbits. I’ve literally been hunting my whole life and I’ve been outdoors since before I can remember.”

Jack, 55

Tradesman & Wild Game Hunter, NSW

“I hunt and fish to feed my family. I have been asked if I’m afraid of being out in the bush alone with all the scary things out there… My answer? I am the scary thing.”

Jason, 36

Youth Worker and Jungai, NSW

“I’m an adventurous spirit. There’s no room to hide in a challenge like this; the only person to blame is yourself if something goes wrong. This is the ultimate challenge a human can experience.”

Krzysztof, 39

Aquaculturalist, VIC

“My strongest trait is going to be my stubbornness: I’m going to sit in the cold, I’m going to sit in the rain, I’m going to push through this. I’m going to wait until my loved one taps me on the shoulder and tells me I’ve won.”

Leanne, 41

World Heritage Aboriginal Programs Officer, VIC

“I’ve spent my whole life going out bush. Growing up on Country you learn to be self-reliant. Learning to read Country, animals and the way they move helps you hunt them. I know a bit… and using all of that will get me through this.”

Mike, 60

Resilience Coach, NSW

“I’m really confident I’ve got what it takes to win. The ability to handle pain and discomfort is my superpower. Testing myself and finding my limits is all part of resilience training and I live a life where I practice what I preach.”

Rick, 58

Survival Educator & Former SAS Soldier, QLD

“I have a goal of doing epic stuff in my life every year. I may have a few years under my belt, but when it comes to a commitment to keep pushing boundaries, I’m just getting started. This will be the ultimate opportunity to put experience and knowledge to the test!”

Suzan, 54

Wilderness Adventure Guide, VIC

“I want to showcase my 40-plus years of survival skills and show that an older woman can use wisdom and experience to compensate for declining physical strength.”

Tamika, 51

Off-Gridder & Former Police Officer, QLD

“The motivation to survive in the wilderness comes from a feeling I have every day. It’s the inspiration from nature. It’s a yearning to find out what’s around the corner… I’m hoping I can inspire other people to just love the earth as much as I do.”

Watch Alone Australia from Wednesday, March 27 at 7.30pm on SBS and SBS On Demand.

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