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“I looked like Maleficent”: Skye Wheatley gets candid about her cosmetic procedures on I’m A Celebrity

Plus, she confirmed whether her bum is "real"

Skye Wheatley has made it clear that she wants her inclusion in I’m A Celebrity Australia to help break negative stereotypes about blonde influencers.

Already, she’s becoming a fan favourite with viewers seeing deeper than just her good looks and warming to her charming and open personality. And, the mum of two has been blatantly open about exactly what cosmetic procedures she’s had done.

Skye Wheatley. Instagram.

During the March 26 episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here Australia, Candice Warner asked the influencer if her bum was “real”.

“Yes, 100 per cent,” Skye replied.

Then, Ellie Cole asked Skye what was “not real” on her.

“My lashes, my nose, my lips, my boobs,” Skye quickly responded.

Khahn Ong chimed in and asked her about her cheeks, and Skye confirmed that she’d previously undergone cosmetic surgery on them.

“Oh yeah, I’ve had my cheeks done once but I didn’t like it,” she replied. “I looked like Maleficent.”

Skye opens up about her cosmetic procedures
Skye Wheatley. Instagram.

Skye Wheatley sells fitness plans

After years of influencing, Skye launched her own fitness plans that focus on booty building. So, it’s a relief that she confirmed that her bum is, in fact, real.

The products are e-books that were created with the help of personal trainer Matt Richardson. Each book retails for between $69.95 – $89.95.

“In this eBook, we will guide you through a comprehensive training program designed
to help you build a stronger, rounder and more muscular booty,” the product description reads.

Skye opens up about her cosmetic procedures
Skye Wheatley. Instagram.

Skye’s also launched a recipe e-book, which she put together with the help of a certified chef.

“I am a mum of two and fitness lover! I know how hard it is to come up with meals that the whole family can enjoy and that also suit your fitness goals,” Skye wrote on her website.

“With the help of a certified Chef, we have made 30 of my favourite go-to meals into a recipe ebook to help take the stress out of searching for meals that are high protein and delicious.”

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