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MAFS’ Harrison spoke about his “terrible, gaslighter, narcissist” edit on the Sit With Us podcast

SO much tea..

Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding sat down with Married At First Sight’s Harrison Boon on their Sit With Us podcast, and oh boy, it is juicy.

Part one of the highly anticipated episode saw Harrison share his side of the story, and emotions ran high as he opened up about his experience on the show.

Dom opens the episode by saying her “mind is reeling.”

“I am feeling a lot of emotions, I can’t believe a lot of the things that he’s said,” she said.

… Us too…

Harrison. Source: Nine

The episode features A LOT, from Harrison discussing his feelings of self-hatred when watching his behaviour on the show to his claims of being controlled and gaslit by his partner.

Ella questions Harrison’s authenticity

Harrison: ‘Watching as a viewer, I hate myself on the show. I’m like, this guy is gaslighting, narcissistic, and doesn’t take any accountability… But you haven’t seen so much.”

Then, Harrison opens up about his ex-partner and son and breaks down in tears.

Ella expresses her scepticism about his emotional display, prompting a heated discussion about authenticity and emotional expression.

Ella: “It’s very hard right now watching Harrison cry because for some reason, I just, I’m just not feeling it. I don’t know what it is. Like, I just, I think because I’m a viewer, right? I’ve seen him on MAFS, and I’ve seen him get emotional on television, and everybody called it like fake and not real. And like, for some reason, I’m just not feeling the emotion.”

Harrison: “How could I not be insulted by you saying my feelings aren’t real.”

Harrison chats with Dom and Ella. Source: Sit With Us

Harrison discusses his “terrible, gaslighter, narcissist” edit

Harrison: “I think anything that humanised me or showed my funny side, or any depth to me as a person, was completely edited out. And also, any problems I had in the relationship were all edited out.

Harrison also reacts to leaked voice messages and reveals that Bronte offered to fake the relationship for the sake of the show.

“Bronte knew, she had the full blueprint of who I was.”

He also opens up about his issues with intimacy during the honeymoon and shares insights into the performative nature of the show, including Brontes’ tendency to “perform” for the cameras.

Harrison said, “I just wasn’t into it.”

“I just never trusted Bronte, I thought she was always being fake, and I never trusted her.”

Listen to the juicy Sit With Us ep here.

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